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  1. That's an excellent point and something I had not previously considered; it does seem as though if Smart Cleaning crashed without cleaning any 'junk' files whatsoever, and a manual 'junk' file cleaning operation had not been performed afterwards, the same amount (likely more) 'junk' files would still exist, therefore Smart Cleaning would run/crash again immediately upon being relaunched. The only possible explanation I could provide outside of that would be if a certain amount of junk files were successfully removed via a manual cleaning operation, or via Smart Cleaning before the 'crash
  2. I'm curious if this is happening as a result of CCleaner crashing during the automated cleaning operation. Are you able to find any crash related events for CCleaner when reviewing the Event Viewer Application logs, using the following steps? Open the "Run" dialog in Windows (On the keyboard, hold the "Windows" ( ) and "R" keys simultaneously) Type: eventvwr.msc > click OK Expand "Windows Logs" > click Application From the Menu Bar, click Action > Find... Type "CCleaner" > click "Find Next" Please continue to click on the "Find Next" button to
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