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  1. Hi @Camperman First of all, I am very sorry to hear about how this is happening. As Kamo is designed to intercept tracking attempts, websites that are configured with a significant amount of trackers may have a noticeable slower load times. Our support team would like to investigate this further. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same address registered to your forums account?
  2. Ciao @Italo Tanoni Il nostro team di supporto sarà lieto di aiutarti. Hanno il permesso di contattarti via e-mail, utilizzando lo stesso indirizzo e-mail registrato nel tuo account forum?
  3. Hi @KF4UYC @TechCop @reaperules I am curious if this could be attributed to the automatic update setting of CCleaner that had been mentioned previously, or something such as a scheduled task. Can you please ensure that all of the update options are disabled in CCleaner, using the following steps? Open CCleaner > click Options > Updates Uncheck "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" Uncheck "Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner" Please also ensure everything in the Options > Smart Cleaning area of CCleaner remains disabled/unchecked.
  4. Hi @sweller I noticed how the size of the file is 38 KBs whereas you have configured the Duplicate Finder to "Ignore" files that are under 1 MB in size. From within the "Ignore" area of the Duplicate Finder, can you please uncheck the "File size under" option to see if this will resolve the problem?
  5. Hi @Olive First of all, we're very sorry to hear about how this happened, and for how you are unable to recover the deleted TXT files. I've reported this issue to our development team as we definitely want to get this resolved as soon as possible, and I suspect this will be fixed whenever we release the next update for the Recuva software.
  6. Hi @Neirynck Henri Unfortunately at this current time, it is not possible to change the frequency of fingerprint changes in Kamo. I can however understand the value in being able to specify how often the fingerprint will change and I'll send this feedback to our product management team for further review, as a suggestion. Also to confirm, are you saying there is no reduction in the remaining time for fingerprint changes whenever your computer is in a sleep/hibernation mode, or are you referring to something else?
  7. Hi @OPG I can also understand how the ability to whitelist URLs for the anti-tracking feature of Kamo may be needed in certain types of situations and I'll send this feedback directly over to our product management team for further review, and as a suggestion. Meanwhile, can you please tell me what websites/URLs you are needing to whitelist?
  8. Olá @Diego Silveira Em primeiro lugar, desculpe quaisquer erros em minha mensagem, pois estou usando o Google Translate. Nossa equipe de suporte ficará feliz em ajudar com isso. Eles têm permissão para contatá-lo por e-mail, usando o mesmo endereço que está registrado em sua conta do fórum?
  9. Hi @KF4UYC I would like to test this in order to see if I am able to replicate the problem whenever Razer Cortex is running during gameplay. However first, can you please tell me which game(s) are being used whenever this problem occurs, and are you running them via something such as Steam or Epic Games Launcher?
  10. Hi @Pastor Tim Whenever you are directed to the Firefox Add-ons page, are you able to install the Kamo extension, or does that fail? When you reach the Add-ons page, simply click Add to Firefox > Add. Otherwise if that doesn't work, do I permission to contact you via email, using the same address that is registered to your forums account?
  11. Hi @aVileBroker Unfortunately at this current time, the "Allowed websites" area of Kamo only corresponds with the "Browser cleanup" functionality of the program, whereas the newegg.com is being blocked by the "Anti-tracking" mechanism of the software, and there is not currently a whitelist that can be configured for this. Specifically, "Allowed websites" lets you specify which website cookies will be retained by Kamo during the browser cleanup operation. I am also unable to access newegg.com whenever Kamo is running so I've reported this problem to our development team and I hope the
  12. Hi @cbormson This problem should be resolved in v2.0 of Kamo. First, please uninstall the existing version of Kamo, using these steps: Open the "Run" dialog in Windows (On the keyboard, hold the Windows () and "R" keys simultaneously) Type: appwiz.cpl > click OK Right-click Kamo > click "Uninstall" Afterwards, please download/install v2.0 of Kamo from here: https://www.ccleaner.com/kamo/download?x-campaign=1&x-origin=2&x-variant=1 Following the installation of the new version, and when prompted, please restart the computer. Otherwise if the
  13. Hi @Eighthnote44 Our support team would be happy to help with this. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same address that is registered to your forums account?
  14. Hi @Hmm To allow the portable builds of Chrome and Firefox to be cleaned, you'll need to create a "CustomLocation" entry in CCleaner's INI file, as described here: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers For Chrome, you would use CustomLocation1=CHROME|[profile folder path] and for Firefox, you would use CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|[profile folder path] (e.g. CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Users\[USERNAME]\portableapps\GoogleChromePortable64\Data\profile\Default) If wanted, our support team would b
  15. Hi. I was able to replicate this problem with Newegg.com, even when configuring the "Allow" option under the "Anti-tracking > Website tracking" feature of Kamo, and when adding Newegg.com to the "Whitelisted websites" area of the program; I've reported this issue to our development team so they can work on getting this resolved. @bemused59 As Kamo does its work to intercept tracking attempts and change the attributes, it typically has an imperceptible impact on speed. However, pages that are running a significant amount of trackers may have a noticeable slower load times — usually not
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