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  1. Hi @Pierre42 Our support team would be happy to help with this. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same email address that is registered to your forums account?
  2. Hi @IsZar I wasn't able to replicate this problem with Twitch because after using CCleaner for its uninstallation, it did not appear in the Start Menu's search results. Can you please go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs to see if Twitch and/or Badlion Client exist in this location? Before you'll be able to navigate to the directory mentioned above, you'll need to enable the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option in File Explorer, as described at https://www.technipages.com/show-hidden-files-windows If they do exist in that location, you should be
  3. Hi @andysgenie First of all, we're very sorry to hear about this as it should not have happened when using the Drive Wiper's "Free Space Only" setting. Our support team would like to investigate this further. Can you please send them an email, using support@ccleaner.com ?
  4. Hi @tylarius Thanks for all of the information. By chance, do you have the Desktop version of CCleaner installed and if so, does this allow you to uninstall CCleaner Browser, as follows? Open CCleaner > click Tools > Uninstall Right-click CCleaner Browser > click Uninstall Or, can you please see if the browser can be uninstalled using the following steps? Click Start > type: CMD From the search results, right-click Command Prompt > click "Run as Administrator" Type and enter: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Browser\CCleanerBrowserUnin
  5. Hi @magic144 I am happy to say that this problem will be resolved when we release v5.78 of CCleaner, which will be available next month. Meanwhile, please don't hesitate to notify me if you need anything; I'll be glad to help!
  6. Hi @SoundAssets Thank you very much for reporting this issue us as we greatly appreciate that. To help us investigate further, can you please tell me the specific make/model of the Nvidia GPU?
  7. Hi @tylarius When you attempt to uninstall CCleaner Browser, does the uninstallation process stall, without progressing further, or are you encountering a different type of issue with this? Additionally, can you please tell me what operating system you are using, and what version of the browser is installed? You can find the browser version as follows: Open CCleaner Browser > click Menu () Click "Help and About CCleaner Browser" > About CCleaner Browser
  8. Hi @mepowers In continuation with what nukecad has said, you may also want to verify if the same event is recorded when using something else that calls upon the WMI service, such as the System Information utility in Windows: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run Type: msinfo32.exe > click OK Afterwards, check to see if the same WMI associated event is recorded in the Windows Event Viewer.
  9. Hi @inbuon Our support team would be more than happy to help with this. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same email address that is registered to your forums account?
  10. Hi @magic144 Thanks for notifying us of how there is still a problem adding cookies with no domain suffixes to the "Cookies to Keep" list in CCleaner. I can attest to this as I was able to add these into v5.74 of CCleaner, whereas I receive an error message when attempting to do so in v5.75&v5.76. I've notified our development team of this, and I'll ask our support team to followup with you via our email correspondence.
  11. @Ray SpenglerThank you very much for following up on this as it's useful for us to know what had resolved the problem for you. I am glad to hear that the uninstallation has succeeded, and please don't hestiate to notify us if you happen to encounter any other issues.
  12. Hi @Tom H I've not yet been able to replicate this issue and we aren't receiving other reports about this so I'm not yet certain of why CCleaner Professional would close after a Custom Clean, when minimized to the system tray. Our support team would like to investigate further; can they contact you via email, using the same address that is registered to your forums account?
  13. Hi @Ray Spengler Can you please (if applicable) terminate all of the running processes associated with the CCleaner Browser via the Windows Task Manager, then see if it can be uninstalled? Additionally, can you please see if it can be uninstalled using the following steps? In Windows, navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Browser Right-click the "CCleanerBrowserUninstall.exe" file > click "Run as Administrator" Otherwise, can you please ensure that CCleaner Browser is not configured to automatically start with Windows? Open CCleaner Browser > click Menu
  14. Hi @UmbertoFrancesco No problem at all. I wanted to follow-up with you on this because v5.75 was released today and I hope this version will work for you, without issue. If needed, simply click on the "Check for updates..." link located on the bottom-right corner of CCleaner to install the new version. However if the new version also closes before completing the Health Check operation, or if you experience any other issues, please let us know.
  15. We believe this might be resolved in the next update for CCleaner, v5.75, and we intend to release this soon. Would you be willing to follow-up with us after installing v5.75 to confirm if the new version of CCleaner also crashes?
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