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  1. This version includes added cleaning support for Windows 10 Snip & Sketch and upgraded cleaning support for Microsoft OneDrive. We have also added several bug fixes for Driver Updater alongside improvements to messaging and error handling. Read more View the full article
  2. Please read our Driver Updater FAQ for information on how to revert (undo) changes.
  3. Ideally give it some time to complete the revert. If you haven't restarted since starting the revert, definitely do this. If you find this does not resolve the issue, you can follow the other suggested steps in our Driver Updater FAQ
  4. Hi tmp_trash, different providers use different number versioning. For example Intel may use one number while Microsoft might use a slightly different system. To detemrine which driver to provide, our checks factor in the date a driver was released and by whom. We do understand that this can appear confusing to customers so we are working on improving the messaging on this screen.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Lighty. I've deliberately left this thread open for comment because to make Driver Updater better we have to be open to listening to what our customers think of it. What in particular should we look to improve?
  6. Hi everyone, we are monitoring customer feedback from this forum and other sources. I wanted to take the opportunity to apologise to every customer who has had a negative experience with Driver Updater. This is certainly not our intention, and we are working very hard to avoid CCleaner creating problems instead of solving them. If you have encountered an issue and you have not been able to resolve it by: Restarting the PC after an update Reverting the driver update from within CCleaner Driver Updater (see guide - sometimes this can require a restart to complete the reversion) Ensuring Windows is up to date Going back to a System Restore point (Ctrl+R, then type "Recovery") ...or if you need assistance with any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team who will do their very best to help you get your PC back back to normal. If it's still fresh in your memory, please try to note down the driver that was updated (if known) and how you first noticed something wasn't working as it should. This will be very helpful for our investigations, thanks! Aside from this, we are committed to making this the best Driver Updater out there and are working on various improvements, including: Reducing the likelihood of failed/incomplete driver updates, and the need to attempt updates multiple times Making the button for reverting drivers more obvious Making it simpler to revert only the drivers that relate to an issue you're having Making it easier to report problems from within Driver Updater Gathering more useful device/driver information when problems occur to facilitate speedy statistical analysis and help us to make driver definition improvements much more rapidly Providing explanation for why a certain driver version is offered Fixing when scanning gets stuck Improving messaging for certain types of connectivity errors
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Do you mean you want CCleaner to restart the PC after Cleaning? If so, this is too niche a feature. While it would be helpful in your individual case, this use case is not at all as common as people wanting to clean as the last action before switching the PC off. When we consider adding a feature we consider not only if it will help our customers, but the cost of maintaining such a feature. 'Maintenance drag' takes focus away from product improvements that impact more customers. So while I am very happy to receive the feedback, in this particular case I want to be straightforward and explain why we won't be pursuing this particular suggestion. Thanks for understanding! :)
  8. You can also check the license status in the 'About' page. If a license has been registered, you'll see a 'license information' button. If your license doesn't say 'Active', Driver Updater will not be fully unlocked.
  9. Sorry, I did not notice the French translation in the second line.
  10. I'm sure we can sort this out if you get in touch via the details hazelnut has provided above.
  11. Sorry for the trouble here g_boston. In future, don't hesitate to contact us if you have an issue with CCleaner. Thanks for your custom. :)
  12. Hi Ronald, which icon are you clicking on? This one? If so, can I confirm you are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later?
  13. Salut, Je souhaite vous proposer des actions à prendre : Appuyez sur les boutons 'Options', puis 'Settings' Vous verrez un menu : 'Langue' - ouvrez-le et sélectionnez votre langue préférée
  14. In this version we’re excited to share our new premium Driver Updater feature: a simple and secure way to keep your PC components working reliably! Read more View the full article
  15. In this version we’re excited to share our new premium Driver Updater feature: a simple and secure way to keep your PC components working reliably! Read more View the full article
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