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Temp readings inaccurate


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I have a ryzen threadripper 1920x machine with an aorus motherboard. 


-CPUID HWMonitor is reporting between 29 deg and 38 deg c

-Core Temp reports about 28 - 38 deg c


Speccy reports 58-70+ deg c.


Is there a problem with my machine, or is speccy right and the other things wrong?



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Speccy Is reporting CPU temperatures as high as 90°C. I don't think that can be accurate because, if it was, the air that is the fan is blowing out of the heatsink would very hot and you would not be able to touch the heatsink. Both feel only slightly above ambient temperature, 69°F

Operating system:  Windows 10 home 64-bit

Computer manufacturer:  ZT systems
Model number:                  7645 Mi

CPU:                      Intel core i5  2320
Motherboard:     MSI H 67 MA – E 45 (MS – 7678

Chipset vendor:  Intel
Chipset model:    Sandy Bridge
Chipset revision:  09

Jim Birke

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So this thread was started in 2015. Here we are in December 2020 and I have just checked three different drives all currently attached to the PC with one internal (SSD) to the PC and two external drives in a dock. All are reported by Speccy as 31degrees.

I have been doing intensive repetitve work with the two external drives in a dock and they are almost red hot (slight exaggeration but certainly only a degree or two off being uncomfortable to touch).

How on earth can they all be reporting at 31 degrees ? Seriously I wonder about any of the software this Company produces as I have also had issues with CCleaner and Defraggler - and they seem to take years to be fixed if at all.

I am only glad the price is right because there is no way I'd pay for any of it.    

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