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  1. Thanks for asking Crizal, I found this thread wondering the exact same questions you had! And thanks hazelnut and Dave for your replies. I started to dismiss the Slack site - maybe I'll take a 2nd look. Especially if Slack can do ad-hoc remote control.
  2. This website comment editor is funky, so I went ahead and posted the previous message before I ended up losing all of the content. Another mention and reinforcement to Avast: Rethink your business model and treatment of your paying customers! WE got you this far. Please don't go the way of so many businesses that look at the immediate bottom line only, and burn your long time devoted customers. Yep, you had (and still have) a good product, have swallowed up smaller companies like AVG and Piriform into the Avast collective - and showing your ever-increasing coldness along the way. Si
  3. I see this old thread doesn't even go as far back as I do with Piriform and CCleaner. I've purchased many "copies", both download and retail box. I still have an opened box I've installed from, and one unopened one from circa pre-2012 I believe. And I've known about (and used) CCleaner well before that (back when it fit on a floppy disk). Of course, like most people, I did not save the published EULA from way back then. On the box(s), on the receipt I have from Jan 2013, nowhere is there any mention of a "subscription" - to any portion of the product. Updates, support, nothing, zip, nada.
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