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Deffragler took literally all my free space !


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I used Defraggler two days ago, and my free space went from like 40% to 70%


So I called the friend who suggested me to use Defraggler, he told me to defrag one more time, so I did it this night, and now I literally have NO FREE SPACE !




I went from 40% to 90% of used space just by using defraggler !


I really need help now, can I revert all the work done ??

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Just about any 3rd party defrag tools can cause that, and more-so if they're allowed to do a comprehensive/full defrag. On Windows 10 specifically when using a 3rd party defrag tool I only have them deal only with fragmented files that they list in their file list after an analyze, plus it means the defrag finished ages faster too, and I allow Windows Defrag to perform the optimization on it's own automatic schedule - that way it isn't re-doing what another defrag program has done.

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