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  1. I set restore point to 10%, then restarted the machine, now I recovered 40% of my free space which is good ( even tho I lost 20% since the first defragg, but not gonna bite the hand that feeds me lol )
  2. Ok my friend helped me to find, my system restore point is using 143 Go Do I delet it ?
  3. Win 10 Yes I restarted the machine And how do I know ?
  4. I used Defraggler two days ago, and my free space went from like 40% to 70% So I called the friend who suggested me to use Defraggler, he told me to defrag one more time, so I did it this night, and now I literally have NO FREE SPACE ! http://www.noelshack.com/2019-17-1-1555922090-image.png I went from 40% to 90% of used space just by using defraggler ! I really need help now, can I revert all the work done ??
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