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auto-start (auto-run) when shutting down the computer

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CCleaner auto-start (auto-run) when the computer starts is a great feature.  But in my case it takes a long time to clean when the computer boots up, and consequently I have to wait to turn on my web-browser since I am waiting for CCleaner to finish.   So I think it would be a great new feature if there is an option to turn on CCleaner when I shut down my computer.   This means auto-start (auto-run) should wait until all the web-browsers are closed by the system, and then right before the system shutdown, the auto-start (auto-run) should kick in.

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Suspending a shutdown might sound like a great feature but from a coders point of view, it would be frowned upon.  It is possible but hardly used. CCleaner could override WndProc,  WM_QUERYENDSESSION & WM_CANCELMODE etc but this feature won't ever be added to ccleaner. You trigger shutdown then forcing the program to suspend it. Terrible idea.

This is taking into account documentation well before Windows 10, I have no need to investigate I would still work because the whole concept of a programmer suspending this is not o One who cares about system integrity. 

The programmers behind CCleaner would have implemented such a feature already if it was deemed application effective. While Microsoft allows us to identify shutdown it just ain't going to ever be implemented. 

Commandline (again if still able in W10) can "abort" in command line ""shutdown.exe", "/a"" under the forms closing method. AGAIN this is abuse toOk i had to check, since vista it's no longer used?(thinks) windows. But in vista ShutdownBlockReasonCreate  was created. 

I dont have time right now to research, but as said 3 times plus. This won't ever be added. Any programmer worth his salt would not even try.

Hope that helps for you.


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18 minutes ago, gavsta said:

Btw my space bar is semi broke.

More likely to be the new forum software. When you press space bar it moves things 2 lines down instead of one. 



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On 12/28/2017 at 13:37, gavsta said:

It's actually Spilt Beer from Christmas :D



If you don't want to use the /AUTO /SHUTDOWN parameter and would instead use something else to turn off the computer after CCleaner cleans the system (such as in a script you make, etc.,) there's also just the /AUTO parameter that can be used, if that doesn't cause issues in Win10.

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