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  1. Yes, i know you do not allow malware advice. I did not offer any. Trained under One o your old malware mods at geekstogo and been qualified 6 years. Im united agasint malware member and work as a malware mod bot of avast and emisoft. I did not offer any malware assistance or let alone ask for a FRST log. I simply pointed out a few facts. So i do not get it wrong again which part offered would you class at malware removal advice? Then i won't post said part again.
  2. I work with many people each week that over panic when regarding VirusTotal. It's a tool yes, but when you need to understand. When dealing with Malware we may sometimes instruct the user asking for help to upload a fresh copy of the exe. This One instance has panicked you. Not because the file may or may not be an infection, it's simply because you are not trained on using Virustotal. We work with a number of files that have previously had around 15 or more flags and the file was safe. Malware identification takes practice researching files takes even more training. http://www.pacs-portal.
  3. One of my teachers was a mod from here in the Malware section. That's actually how far back iv watched this forum. 8/9 years ago the malware section was closed here. Bleepingcomputer, geekstogo and so on. Malware & registry changes can only be made by qualified members. :/
  4. It's worrying to allow countless modifications via the registry by un-trusted members. Now just after a few posts the bat files, how can i say this....s**t :/ Regardless of not pinpointing said posts, that the admins will allow any member to post such files. It's almost like there is NO level of responsibility. Any member can post whatever code like they are a pro. Come on piriform mods. You should no better, least take a level of professionalism when regarding Registry changes :/
  5. Why not? An elevated program has access to it regardless. Accessing cmd is a great way to bypass writing lots of code and reinventing the wheel. We use FRST to diagnose malware on machines. Before that was OTL. You already use CCleaner which has access to it. My personal opinion is flushing DNS is taking ccleaner yet again away from its heritage.
  6. Suspending a shutdown might sound like a great feature but from a coders point of view, it would be frowned upon. It is possible but hardly used. CCleaner could override WndProc, WM_QUERYENDSESSION & WM_CANCELMODE etc but this feature won't ever be added to ccleaner. You trigger shutdown then forcing the program to suspend it. Terrible idea. This is taking into account documentation well before Windows 10, I have no need to investigate I would still work because the whole concept of a programmer suspending this is not o One who cares about system integrity. The programmers behind
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