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Says will reduce life span if I defrag.


There are only 2 options.


optimize or defrag.


I don't know what analyze is.


Under the optimize arrow, if I click the arrow it will show defrag or optimize or others seems not important.


Optimize worked nice.


Defrag says it will reduce life span so I didn't.


I have no idea what defragging even is. I just know it's something that boost speed if I do. But can't say it's true or not ?


People says SDD ? the expensive and new hard drive that has higher speed shoudln't be defragged and HDD the old and cheap one can.


With SDD 250gb you can get like 2TB or more HDD right ?


And also shouldn't defrag the external drive or usb drives only the drive that is on your pc. Which is Probably only C drive unless you divided those into 2 or more.


Not sure why only the pc should be defragged and not the external ones. Why no to SDD but HDD ? A simple and easy answer would make it clearer than explaining with long paragraphs.


Shouldn't also defrag too often only once 2 weeks ? or it will reduce life span. Not defragging will also reduce life span.


Too many random opinions makes me confuse.

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Says will reduce life span if I defrag.


it seems that you have a SSD --> optimise or defrag? --> http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=45361


defrag is not neseccary on your ssd.



I don't know what analyze is.




Use the Analyze feature to determine how fragmented your drive is first.



To analyze a drive:

  1. In Defraggler, select the drive you want to analyze at the top of the window.
  2. Click the Analyze button.
  3. Defraggler displays the results in graphical format
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