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"Microsoft needs a change in management"


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I think people have simply lost faith in microsoft's ability to provide an OS that "just works".

Not the first time anybody said that, I know, but still . . .


As of today I have, for sure.

Right now I am wrestling with something called a "KSOD" in win 7.

Win 7 boots to a black screen with a moveable cursor and thats it. You're done.

Google gives 540,000 results for "win 7 boots to black screen with cursor" going back to around 2010.

No definite fix found (by me) yet.


It is a nearly new HP computer, the dual boot one I have described here before.

Win xp is on a different HDD, same computer, works fine. Boots, connects to the net, makes noises, etc. But not win 7.


Not too much of an issue here (yet), as I have time to tweak and twiddle, can probably fix it.


But it is inexcusable. Absolutely.

For a government or business, where this "KSOD" would cost money, it might well be actionable at law, imho.


I know you guys are always helpful, but don't spend any time on this yet. Unless of course you already know a definite fix.

I think I can fix it, but will ask for help if not, or will post the results when it is fixed.

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Said i would post the results.

The computer is on its way back to HP for warranty repair work. Two different built in HP tests showed the DVD drive to be defective.

On the up side, it isn't going to cost me any money. On the down side, will take 7 to 10 days (their estimate) to fix.


Not sure what the DVD drive has to do with the black screen but one or two persons among the 540,000 reported that fixing the DVD drive fixed the problem.

I can not be sure now whether it was a win 7 problem or a hardware problem. I think it was a combination.

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I can not be sure now whether it was a win 7 problem or a hardware problem. I think it was a combination.


I think the problem is you bought an HP! And by the way how was their "legendary" customer service?

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@login, hope you kept your notes from your Dual Boot Incident of 2012

why do I have an ill feeling you'll be revisiting that exercise once HP touches your PC !!!

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Hp customer service has gone downhill, imho. Still legendary, but in a different way, imho. :P

Now, if your warranty is out, you must use the forums or pay money, afaik.

Warranty service is ok. The forums are iffy, some helpers good, some not. Mostly volunteers, all overworked.


Bigger issue #1 is the failure of the DVD drive, which I used to make a whopping total of 7 DVDs. It took 7 of them (three failures) to get the 4 system restore disks immediately after purchasing the computer, so the DVD drive was probably defective back then. Now I'm not even sure that the ones I made will work.

Bigger issue #2 is the black screen. That is a win 7 issue. Some say it is because of the DVD drive failure, others say its because windows somehow does not recognize explorer.exe, the win 7 shell, and still others say other stuff.

Bigger issue #3 is the "lockdown" of the entire system, apparently a deliberate move by hp. BIG mistake by hp, imho. It is a UEFI type BIOS on a GPT formatted HDD.

As a result:

- You are pretty much stuck with the built in capabilities of the system.

- I can't get my little nifty linux OSs to work, haven't been able to use 3rd party partitioning software.

- Hp doesn't even make drivers that will allow win xp to use the hardware, so installing an OS that works is difficult.

- Lots of software I depended on over the years to protect or restore the system doesn't work.

- In one topic on the hp forums, the helper simply refused to help a user work around the UEFI limitations. Company policy, maybe?


Mta, the win xp OS is installed on a separate HDD, the win 7 HDD was unplugged at the time, and the two boot independently. I still have the win xp drive, it isn't going back to the factory, so it should still work. Thanks for the heads up, though. :-)


The big picture seems to be the attitude that "It is what it is, get over it". From both microsoft, nothing new there, and from hp. I never saw that before from hp. Maybe thats just me. Certainly it is just my opinion. I wouldn't have even posted this rant here, except that it seems important, affects a lot of people.

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