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Thoughts about the newest AVG Anti-Virus Free


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The only involvement I've had with AVG recently is to uninstall it from someone machine as it kept blocking 2 Microsoft Updates from installing.


I guess like a lot of other software devs they are trying to jump on the metro/tile bandwagon. At least with Windows 8 you can right click on a tile and select 'make it smaller' !


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AVG has had this for a while on their 2013 versions.


Don't care for the Metro UI on it, but since I rarely see the interface unless doing a scan, I suppose the only thing that matters is that it works properly.


Good program, bad interface.

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it's just an interface.

OK, not everyone's choice - but what ever is.

I've had AVG on all my PC's for about 10 years and when I first saw the 'metro' look introduced in v2013 I just thought "OK, they've copied off Win8".

I didn't think they needed to but I wasn't phased by it either.


to keep everyone happy they just need to have an option to change the skin from metro to classic.

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