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  1. Do you have any kind of security/boot managers/encrypted drives/boot or windows lockers that would interfere & cause problems? Edit: Have you tried Windows chkdsk utility to test the restored disk partition for fixable problems?
  2. Could they be any more confusing? Labeled as free, then the actual file says Web_Trial_en.exe. Downloading now, to test it out. Let's hope it's truly free, instead of "free" to try. LOL!
  3. 1) Open CCleaner 2) Click Applications 3) Checkmark Saved Form Information If this fixes it, great! _ If it doesn't: 1) Open Firefox 2) Ctrl + Shift + Del 3) Select Form & Search History, then set Time Range to Everything & press clear now Do either of these methods clear the files you were looking to remove?
  4. Though developers strive to make the registry cleaner as safe as is possible, unchecking the entries below may improve your registry integrity: 1) Unused File Extensions -> Reason -> May remove valid entries -> Example: Uninstalling KMP may not re-associate WMP with .MP3, leaving it "unused". 2) Obsolete Software -> Reason -> May remove valid entries -> Program "age" or infrequent use may flag legit entries as being ok to remove. It is best to review all entries before removal, & only remove those you KNOW are safe.
  5. AVG has had this for a while on their 2013 versions. Don't care for the Metro UI on it, but since I rarely see the interface unless doing a scan, I suppose the only thing that matters is that it works properly. Good program, bad interface.
  6. 1) Open Firefox, & press Ctrl + Shift + Del 2) Select Form & Search History, then set Time Range to Everything 3) Press Clear Now Edit: Firefox remembers passwords, entries typed into forms, & searches. Perhaps you are confusing passwords & form filling?
  7. I don't suppose having a Mac OS partition on the same drive either caused UEFI/Windows/Defraggler to be confused? Didn't know about the Mac partition initially.
  8. Thanks! I will try that. The code will be so much smaller this way, & enable/disable will be a single click. It should work better than WinApp2 for what I need, if all goes well.
  9. I side with Google. I mean, you can trust driverless cars to make the right decision. Can't you?
  10. I didn't know about the version you had. I just know when I checked online, it looked like they had a trial version. I just made a couple suggestions, in case it would help run Power Shadow under a modern OS, else alternative that would so it would be possible to continue to revert changes to the system by Java/other programs. I didn't know about the older free version. Sorry.
  11. Other registry cleaners may remove more things, but CCleaner registry cleaner is meant to be safe for the average user. If you mean Acronis is wiping your drive, CCleaner also includes that capability in the Tools section. Running a drive wipe will take much longer than simply "deleting trash".
  12. So, if I set CCleaner via includes options to empty the entire Temp folder, that would be the correct way? Or is there some recurse setting I am missing that your talking about? Do the same for the others?
  13. I want to import these WinApp2 entries as includes. Reason is, I can enable or disable with a single click, instead of the 10 it takes using it as a WinApp2 entry. _ [XP LocalService Cookies*] LangSecRef=3025 DetectOS=|5.1 Detect=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Default=False FileKey1=%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Cookies|*.*|RECURSE [XP LocalService History*] LangSecRef=3025 DetectOS=|5.1 Detect=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Default=False FileKey1=%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\History|*.*|RECURSE [XP LocalService
  14. In my experience, the CD drivers are always more bloated. Download the basic drivers from the web for your model, & it should work substantially better.
  15. If you right-click power shadow setup under (Vista/7/8) & click properties, then select XPSP2 for compatibility, would it install or function under the newer OS? Granted, compatibility mode isn't perfect & doesn't solve all problems, but there are times when it enables you to run something you need. But that raises another question. As Power Shadow is a trial version, why wouldn't you use something free like Steady State for XP that does the same thing? It's XP only & made by MS. It also allows you to revert or save system changes on reboot, just like Power Shadow. Or
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