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Inner dimensions of a case


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Anyone know where I can find the inner dimensions of my computer case? Specifically, the back of the case to the HDD bays.


I am trying to figure out if a video card I am eyeing will fit in there, it is 10.25 inches long, and my current card is 9 inches long.


I have the Antec 902 v2 case, but I can only seem to find info on the 902v3

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New case! Just kidding. ;) I had similar problem with my previous case, I got the GPU in, but there was only a few mm space left. :D

I found this:

Maximum video card size: 11.5"/292mm (Note: some video cards may require empty adjacent hard drive slot)

Bleh, that was for Two Hundred V2.

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. . .I am trying to figure out if a video card I am eyeing will fit in there, it is 10.25 inches long, and my current card is 9 inches long.

. . .


I once made a cardboard template of a suspect device in the store & came home & checked it.

Didn't fit.

Long way around, but cheap. :-)


edit: you get some funny looks from the folks in the store, and plenty of attention from the staff. :P

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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Just a little while ago, 2003-2004, I bought an iPod from Best Buy, and it was pre-owned, but packaged as brand new. When I was unwrapping it I felt something was wrong with the sloppiness of the organization and unevenness of the materials. I knew apple couldn't be that incompetent - it was a time when everything was meticulously and extravagantly packed.


In my excitement of getting the most sophisticated MP3 player in town I was blinded by the shine of the iPod itself. But when I powered it up there was all this teenage-drug-user-grunge music and pornography soundtracks on it. I talked to the manager about it since the store employees need authorization to effect a return on open MP3 players. What's worse, the boss insinuated I had put the music on there and thus had made use of the unit already; and after some back and forth bantering got the exchange through. Without the restocking fee. That was the focal point of the argument.


The unit itself was defective, something to do with those newfangled capacitative touch sensor buttons. And the argument was about an actual refund, since they couldn't do an even exchange because this was the last one in stock. This manager overlooked the fact that to fill the unit with 40GB of music would have taken longer than the time between now and the purchase time. I had opened it in the car. And being dressed in my professional agent tux, I hardly had the stereotypical look of a customer that would listen to the genres of music "pre-loaded". And the manager had not considered calling another store to see what was available for exchange there. And that was the worst part of the deal, conducting businesses with an apathetic manager.


But as for them purposely selling junk? I don't know. You can buy low-cost and sub-standard consumer electronics anywhere anytime. This iPod was one item out of many that I purchased from Best Buy which ended up being defective.


I had to repair (or replace) 3 Western Digital HDDs' which were purchased at Best Buy. These were (are) used to store photos. And when you're doing work for a client, there is no worse situation than having accepted a $13,000 assignment contract only having to say you lost 3/4th's of the job. In my case I got lucky. I knocked $500 off the price for being a day late. This tardiness was because I had to drive back across the state to retrieve a backup. But the assignment was saved and the client had thought a $500 savings for being 1 day late was more than enough compensation. And I got good reviews thereafter. But without the backups the whole shoot would have been flushed down the toilet along with my reputation.


I don't know if to blame Best Buy or Western Digital. I mean HDD's are mechanical devices and can, like anything else, fail at any time. Were these field returns and repackaged and resold as new? I didn't consider investigating the issue further. Removable HDD's are consumable & disposable devices.


Let's see, what else did I get that turned out defective.. Ahh yes, an Alpine car audio amplifier. A low power condition caused a cascading failure taking out all the high-tension circuitry. I rebuilt it and it is in service today.


I had an HP 970 series DeskJet (or OfficeJet) printer that had an unusually short lifespan. I tried fixing it, but it got worse with each attempt. Ink everywhere except on the paper! Poof! $399 down the tubes.


My Apollo 13 DVD disc, purchased from Best Buy developed the fungus rot condition and is now totally unplayable. Yep, there's a microorganism that will get between the layers of a DVD and create a condition similar to 'bronzing' & oxidation from moisture, but not. Over the years the disc will develop streaks and veins and eventually play no longer. This organism actually feeds on the aluminum!


And on the other hand, I've purchased stuff from Best Buy that has had a great lifespan. I still have a 10-year old laptop from them which serves till this very day. Granted I baby the thing for it is not a ToughBook. But that's pretty good. And my latest printer from them is still functional.


So.. I guess it all depends on the item and not necessarily the store proper itself.

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Actually I lied: Micro Centre and a local shop called LanLabs are also nearby. LanLabs does good work but takes ages and recently moved store locations out of my village though.


Regardless, I just remembered that the hdd enclosures are modular, and if I really need space I can push forward the top one a bit. It'll no longer be screwed in, but it only has an SSD in it so it doesn't really matter.

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