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Selecting The Best Coaxial Splitter For 2 Cable Modems.


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You may or may not of heard of an American cable telecommunications company called Time Warner Cable I subscribe is charging a rental fee for its cable modem in the immediate future that previously offered its hardware cable modem to its customers for no charge.


Now, there is a loophole in order to avoid this fee -- buy your own cable modem for the company's Internet service. In addition, there is an exemption to rent the cable modem without paying the fee -- if you use the company's combination (Internet and digital telephone) rental cable modem ONLY for the company's voice service (digital phone) and use your own purchased one for the company's Internet service. The charge is specified to those customers that use the company's cable modem rental for Internet service only. Therefore, I will be using TWO (2) modems -- the company's cable modem with the phone and Internet integrated for my voice service ONLY and my own purchased simple Internet ONLY cable modem for the Internet Service to avoid the fee. My cable modem is on the company's list of compatible hardware devices for Internet service.


NOTE: You can NOT have a combination (Internet and digital telephone) cable modem OF YOUR OWN to COMPLETELY REPLACE the company's combination Internet and digital phone cable modem to essentially avoid the new fee. Regarding the voice (digital phone) service, the programming I am told for the company's voice service is ONLY available on the company's combination cable modem rental. Commercially available combination cable modem's voice component does NOT have the company's voice service programming encoded internally forcing you TO KEEP the company's combination cable modem for your voice service; but you WILL NEED YOUR OWN basic Internet cable modem for the company's Internet service too to avoid the fee.


Questions: Now this presents hardware setup questions for me. I know I will need a coaxial splitter for my cable line JUST BEFORE EITHER cable modems in order for both modems to interact with the data streams from Time Warner Cable. In terms of proximity of the coaxial splitter to both cable modems, there will be approximately a 3 foot coaxial cable between the coaxial splitter and each cable modem. For your information, MY cable modem for the Internet service portion is a DOC SYS 2.0 and the company's combination cable modem is also a DOC SYS 2.0 if that have any relevance to you answering my questions. My current Internet service from this company has download speed set to 3.0 Mbps and 1.0 Mbps upload speed.


1. Will I have any broadband width or signal strength loss for my Internet service portion resulting from adding one (1) coaxial splitter inline?


2. The same is said for my digital phone service as well -- will signal strength be lessened by the addition of adding one (1) coaxial splitter inline?


3. I need to know what kind of coaxial splitter is best for this kind of arrangement? There are many different coaxial splitters for different applications with physical characteristics like construction and shielding, plated material (silver or gold), isolation ratings (db), frequency ranges (MHz and GHz), etc.. NOTE: I need to maintain the best broadband width and signal strength possible if there are more than one possible splitter application readily available for this arrangement.


Please reply.


Thank you.

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@ Winapp2.ini:


Hello. Thank you very much for your comment. I just spoke to someone a few minutes ago and they told me this information I would like to share here on the forum:


"5MHz-1000MHz, 120-140db Any splitter will attenuate your signal."


So this will work. Yes, gold plated will help I am told.


Thank you!

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Me thinks he means "Spliff"


however drug talk is discouraged in public forum so let us go ahead and move on




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link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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