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CCleaner for Mac (Final Build) will not start


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We have a fix for this and will have a revised build ready in the next few days :)


Nice to hear. Running 10.5.8 and it ran perfectly for 4 days. All of a sudden when I ran it again I am having the same exact problem. Weird that it worked for 4 days and then stopped. Just an update if this "exact" issue hasn't been noted. Thanks a lot for the hard work!!



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Well it is now February 7th and it still does not work.

Ummm please read the thread, Two posts up "yesterday" the developers said they have a fix and it will be rolled out in the next few day. Seeing as

  1. a new version has not been posted
  2. and (more importantly) you didn't download a new version since the post was made

of course "it still doesn't work." Life is not magic and things in the realm (Earth) take a thing called "time"


As to your second point:

I'm not sure how this got out of testing since this appears to be a very common issue.


OS X 10.7.3

The Beta's didn't have this issue, it is new to the version that came out, if you had taken the time to look at the Very small CCleaner for Mac Board you'd see that many have been using and testing the program for months.


Next time, attempt not to be so presumptive and rude.





Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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Still use this software on my PC. As well, recommend & install it on customers Windows based PC's. Awesome platform, great work!

Thank you all for your tireless work and continuing to make CCleaner free.

As a primary Mac user now, very excited, but, patient to see this on my machine! Thanks once again.

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Well talk about being rude..... My comment was far from rude. Having spent 20 years in the software development field as a Senior System Architect and Engineer I am very familiar with software life cycle and testing. Yes I did read the thread. I also read the following:


We're pleased to announce the final release build of CCleaner for Mac! It's now out of beta and you can use the application with bug-free confidence. :)<p>Release notes:


For the first release out of beta testing that is a rather strong statement. I am fully aware that there are times that current testing scenarios may fail to divulge issues and that those scenarios will need to evolve as issues arise. This problem appears to be rather prevalent with Mac users and as such would appear to be something that could have been flushed out in testing.


It was not my intent to step on anyones feelings here but to simply make an observation. I use your product on my Window PC's and have found it to be a very good product and look forward to using it on my Macs.

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