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  1. mta made a great guess. Don't know when it started, but El Capitan is the first OS I know of that denies use of Secure Erasing. I do wish Piriform, Apple and other developers would make it an option for all the people that use HDDs. We have to find third party applications that will perform this action. Do like mta says happens on PCs with a big warning. Not a big fan of SSDs. Waiting for the next great recording medium.
  2. That would be a good reason I couldn't use it. More Options is working again too. And obviously Post is too. Thanks kroozer.
  3. Just tried the new version and it works fine on my late 2009 Mini with 10.6.8. Thank you Piriform.
  4. To imthatguy and kroozer, I found out the answer to this from a moderator named DennisD. He said it does the same thing on Windows, though, I've never noticed that. So I downloaded the new stable version today and ran it. Cleaned out some things and got back a few GBs and then I let the Erase Free Space run and finish. Took about 30 minutes. When it finishes the free space comes back. I did Not get back the free space I lost by stopping the procedure on the earlier run. Don't know where it is. And I still couldn't give a Like This to DennisD since the button still tells me I have re
  5. Okay. Downloaded new, stable release, after renaming beta to keep it in case of need. Thanks to DennisD's mention of how Wipe Free Space works on Windows, I tried it again and let it finish. Worked fine. Didn't get back the 15GB that went somewhere with the first try using the beta and stopping it before it was finished though. Wonder where that is? Through cleaning, I did get back 4 GB. Would like to know where to look for that file. Time to start investigating.
  6. Hello Dennis, I just posted again, a reply to another Mac user with the same issue, with some errors in my specs but can't delete nor edit. I didn't see this reply nor got an email notice that there was one. So my apologies for my reply delay and the errors in the other post's numbers. I'll try this one more time and allow it to finish, as I have Not gotten back the free space this time after three reboots. 15GBs is a lot to lose this time. I'll post again when CCleaner has finished and all is well. Or not well. Thanks for your input and time, BD
  7. Same problem. Last time I tried it, it left me with 25MB when I stopped it. Somehow after restarting I got my free space back. I tried it again two days ago and it ate 15GBs of free space before I stopped it. I've restarted my Mac Mini 2.26GHz 10.6.8, three times and the 15GBs have not come back. It sure would be nice to hear from someone that develops this product as to why this happens. Free utilities are highly appreciated as long as they do no harm. I've installed and used, often, CCleaner on friend's Windows machines when doing maintenance without a problem. So I had hoped for t
  8. Hello, I tried CCleaner for Mac a couple days ago. Tried because I've had good results using it on friend's Windows machines. The cleaner worked fine, as hoped for. Gave me back a bit over a gig. Went to erase free space and watched my free space disappearing by the gigabytes. Waited until 25 GBs were gone and stopped the process. Sort of alarmed at the loss of that amount of space I sought info on it. None. After looking around my machine for the "lost" space, I finally rebooted and it mostly came back, just shy about 1.25 GBs. Just wondering where this goes and why there is no docum
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