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  1. Hey, I'm trying to run CCleaner (latest final build, 1.01) and it just sits on my dock bouncing, using ~100% of my CPU. I'm running OS X 10.7.2 on a MacBook Pro 15, Early 2011 model. I let it launch for about a minute or two and still nothing. Repeated the process of Force Quitting and stil nothing.
  2. Agreed. I posted a topic quite some time ago about this... it would be SO nice to have CCleaner (and other programs) automatically update within itself and restart the program when finished -- easy.
  3. Hey Piriform! First of all, CCleaner is by far one of my favorite programs that I use. I can't help but to recommend it to everyone I come across needing a slightly faster, cleaner system. I have a suggestion for updates. Almost every time I run CCleaner, it tells me that there is yet another update. Great! So why is it that you update CCleaner so frequently, yet you require us to visit your website and re-download the entire package to install over the current installation we already have? Why not implement an auto-update feature, or some kind of built-in updater like most pro
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