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incomplete uninstall


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I was hoping that CCleaner would completely uninstall GetASFStream, but as I reinstalled the application, all my personal settings were there, my fav live streams addresses, schedules, everything. I also tried registry cleaning. CCleaner uninstalls just as much as Add/Remove programs in control panel - I am unimpressed <_<

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Um... CCleaner uninstaller is like a normal uninstaller. It's not supposed to remove things like registry entries for uninstallations or personal settings. If you really want a complete uninstall of a program with personal settings, registry entries the program made, and other traces of the program, try using Revo Uninstaller.

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Most programs leave something behind after being uninstalled, others can leave a ton of stuff, or worse yet not really uninstall at all as I've seen some programs only remove their Add/Remove Program listing and leave the whole application intact.


For a more complete uninstall it helps to track installations with something like ZSoft Uninstaller or Total Uninstall (Last Freeware Version) which has been discussed on this very forum many times, that way most of an application during uninstall can be removed - even those that install a ton of stuff and for those I mentioned that really don't uninstall at all.

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