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CCleaner deleting System Files in Win9x/ME?

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I would rather not say as I am only interested in resolving the issues. If there is a public link making accusations I will link to it. My intent is not to start an argument but rather to confirm or deny any truth in the accusations. I am a firm supporter of CCleaner and really hate when misinformation is spread.


From this I now know the Firefox issue has some truth to it, as I was unaware that could happen. Maybe now some action could be taken to resolve it. :)

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Yeah, stop cleaning your browser when your browser is still open until your PMs to MrG tire him enough that he finally adds a check for a problem that is long overdue. But, it's not like there's a hidden agenda here of lulling over people's problems, it's just that most people have no idea what they are talking about... they tell us that CCleaner killed their dog, reset their AOL password to something else and formatted the hard drives of all of their friends. Mostly unfounded theories and speculation. There is no possible way CCleaner would specifically delete those three files, unless you made C:\WINDOWS a custom folder to clean. I wouldn't really be surprised though if CCleaner let you do that. 'course you wouldn't make off with much... it would delete a lot more than three files.

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DjLizard.net wiki


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DjLizard.net software support forum


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:) Yeah, well you get all kinds of people. Usually ones with poor analytical skills that come to ridiculous conclusions.


I still think this is the quickest and easiest way to fix the Firefox Issue:


A simple solution would be, by default deselect Firefox cleaning. Then when selected you are prompted with a warning, like the advanced section of the Windows Tab.

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Another claim is CCleaner when run on a Win9x/ME machines deletes the following files:






Is this even possible?






Personally i am a newbie.. lamer, etc - hehe


But running the CCleaner now for several days...

Have Windows ME here..


So i just went to Windows directory and checked for those files (through Windows Explorer though.. not through MSDOS prompt.. - the results are:


C:\windows\hihem.sys -------> well.. i don't have hihem.sys BUT DO have himem.sys

C:\windows\dblbuff.sys -------> well... i DO have this one

C:\windows\ifshelp.sys -------> well ... i don't have ifshelp.sys BUT DO have ifshlp.sys

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I've been using CCleaner since September 2004 on both my systems Win98 and WinXP, and CCleaner has never messed up either.


If the following files are missing dblbuff.sys, himem.sys, ifshelp.sys it means there's a much more serious problem that's in itself a Windows 9x related issue. I myself had that exact problem on two occassions in that Windows 9x itself for some braindead reason "may" start to kill itself and delete those particular files, the only solution I found was to format and reinstall.


Initially I thought my only problem was that win.com was constantly getting deleted upon startup, however I also found that dblbuff.sys, himem.sys, ifshelp.sys were also getting deleted -- and no it wasn't malware related. Also I found that restoring the files is a neverending endless cycle if Windows 9x itself is responsible for going suicidal and deletes files it needs.

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I began using CCleaner in July 2004....back then I had 98 and have had it until the end of last year. I had never had one problem, error, bug or anything else happen to my computer caused by using this program. I have run this program on 98,2000,XP, and 2003.



I just want to say that this is the best cleaning program i have ever used or seen!!!


And I want to thank all of you who have compiled such an amazing program!


Thanks Jobartley515

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