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  1. Answer - God has always been here and always will be. You need to have more faith to believe that we just "evolved" from a pile of molecules than to believe that we were created by a supreme God. So what one's easier to believe in?
  2. I think you're right. I believe that you need to restart 'explorer.exe' in order for the list to be cleared. (On my computers anyway) Job
  3. Has the application icon darkened?
  4. How is that even possible...it's not even released on the site.
  5. If you are using a limited user account you will not be able to add the ccleaner context menus to the recycle bin due to registry access rights.
  6. The funny thing about the entries is that they say that they are unused file extensions but all of them are coming from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  7. There is an analysis bug with CCleaner... CCleaner duplicates file results when analyzing Microsoft Office 2003 Thanks for a great program Jobartley515
  8. When you resize the CCleaner window to the smallest it can go and then go into the Options tab, the Advanced button is about 90% covered over by the About button. I am using Windows XP, 32Mb VRam and monitor set to 1074 by 768 pixels Just a small insignificant visual bug... Jobartley515
  9. I wonder what kind of new features will be added to this update...?
  10. I wouldn't worry about it, it hasn't happened to me in a while and when it usually says that its off, its on!
  11. Its really how fast your network card will go...
  12. Currently multi-user cleaning is being worked on... Hopefully it will be in the next CCleaner update
  13. Is that worth downloading because I use alot of Microsofts Powertoys(Best one is TweakUI) but didn't decide to download that one....is it any good?
  14. Yah Microsoft should improve their firewall to prevent any tweaking to it by spyware or malware.
  15. I have had this problem as well even when I knew the firewall was turned on....(I would check to make sure by double clicking on the shield in the taskbar and I would see that it was on) Im not sure what is causing this problem but like Mangix said check to see if its on or not(you can also check by double clicking on the red shield in the taskbar) Jobartley515 (also like Mangix said you can download a free firewall if you would like..."better to be safe than sorry i guess")
  16. I also use Cyberlink PowerDVD that is integrated into my Dell Media Experience!
  17. SpywareBlaster has got to be one of the best Spyware Protection softwares out there!!!!!!!
  18. jobartley515

    PDF Program

    Well it must have been that 1%
  19. What programs have you used so far...? (Just Curious)
  20. Yes I believe that they are Windows system files
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