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  1. Thanks DjLizard - but the point is CCleaner isn't doing any cleaning on startup! even though the box is checked. All older stuff such as browser history and recently used files is still there. When I had an earlier version of CC (maybe 1.26?) it cleaned up like clockwork everytime I booted up.
  2. I have now installed v.1.28. Running on W98 and Firefox. But I still have the problem - and ALSO CCleaner does not clean up when the PC starts - even though the appropriate box in options/settings is checked. CCleaner.exe shows up OK in the Windows config/startup menu with the box checked, and with the switch "/auto" after the filename. jobartley515: not sure what you mean by "a limited user account"? Don't think I have one of those. Thanks to all for any help!
  3. Just installed CCCleaner v1.27. At options/settings, I checked both boxes to add the open and/or run option to the recycle bin context menu, but nothing happens. Any suggestions please?
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