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  1. Many thanks, you have been most reassuring.
  2. hi, I have read that there is 3 different index dat files on a persons computer. Does the CCleaner delete all 3 index dat files, and does it do it safely, that will not harm your computer. Cheers.
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    Hello, when you use the registry cleaner and there are issues and you fix them ,it asks if you need to back up. If you do it sends a file to my documents folder. My question is this, I Have now run the scan 4 times so i have 4 backup files, do i need to keep those files when i run it again and just keep the latest one and delete the rest. Is it safe to do this. And if the computer has benn runing well since my last registry cleen, is it safe to delete the back up files completly, or sould i keep them. thanks for you time.
  4. Hello, I am new to CCleaner only having started using it. What i would like to know is , i have 2 user accounts - me and my wife, myself being the main one. I installed CCleaner on mine. And i have read that it only cleans the main account. Whould it work ok if i installed it on my wifes account though. cheers.
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