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  1. In any case.. i guess it won't be a concern much longer: ( Sources: http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2007/12/...ape-naviga.html & http://blog.netscape.com/2007/12/28/end-of...pe-web-browsers )
  2. Hi .. there is new style of Netscape Navigator currently.. - basically it is kinda like Firefox... But for several reasons and extra features, i often prefer running it .. rather than Firefox My question is Netscape "cleaning" in CCleaner? I went through the things that are in CCleaner that can be cleaned (if wanted) .. and do NOT see Netscape there.. I thought i saw Firefox there however.. So this Netscape being like Firefox - CCleaner then will take care of it automatically (if Firefox cleaning, say, is selected in CCleaner) .. or? Or do i have to do something in particular to get Netscape "cleaned" in CCleaner? Or, maybe, Netscape cleaning isn't implemented yet in CCleaner? (in which case then - Can you please implement it?) Thanks
  3. installed new beta 2.0 right on top of previous one yesturday... - Running Good as always! Thanks MrG!
  4. Will it support Win 98/ME?
  5. 141 is out! Works Great! .. Thanks, MrG All packages of it could be downloaded here: http://CCleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp
  6. Well.. It was Layman's first post after all... And he put "?" at the very beginning.. So just in case he was looking for the proggy (cuz at the the end of the quote it said: "The download will go up in the next few hours. ") .. who knows.... more likely he wasn't .. but maybe he was, lol So just in case.. i provided a link for him where he can Download it
  7. Layman, Huh? What did you mean by that? .. Are you looking to download CC or something maybe? Here you can find any of it's packages .. they all would work: http://CCleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp
  8. It's not here yet - http://CCleaner.com/download/builds.aspx (probably later though) .. where all the builds for it generally are.. But it's already at Betanews... Just got it there .. and installed it .. and ran it already It rans good as always .. thanks MrG! --- The only thing - Betanews offers only "full install" CC.. - so when i ran it, i forgot about that Yahoo Toolbar that's incorporated in it .. - i forgot to select NOT to install it.. lol AND the Install gave it to me! .. Had to "weed it out" right away! Thanks again MrG!
  9. 139 is out... Get any of the available builds here: http://CCleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp
  10. I am an AntiVir user, btw What does AntiVir leave behind anyhow, that CCleaner would clean?
  11. Yup... I understood you perfectlly ... what you ment, etc..
  12. Will version 2 be compatible with Win 9X/ME?
  13. 138 is out... - here are all the d/l options: http://CCleaner.com/download/builds.aspx Thanks MrG! .. will try it somewhat later.. (have to leave now)
  14. I don't know.. but the file is as large as always.. I installed it.. and then saw 2.1 was still installed.. - so i had both of them 2.1 and 2.2.. So i uninstalled 2.1 .. then uninstalled 2.2.. and now installing 2.2 again Just d/led it.. gonna install it now again ---- UPDATE Cool! - 2.2 - Running smooth.. Great proggy... Upon installation, i noticed, it created an OO-installation folder (100 MEGer) .. with intallation etc files there... So i deleted that folder .. - Proggy still running smooth!
  15. Darkman


    Opera for Windows 9.20 Build 8713 Beta is out! Running great.. and could be d/l(ed) from here: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Opera...ows/945720329/1
  16. It gets better and better! You can get it from here among, possibly, other places: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/OpenO...ws/1009574294/1
  17. It's out now! Works great! - Thanks MrG! All the packages are available here: http://CCleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp
  18. Darkman


    New Build 8701 is out .. with some cool stuff, lol - check it out! Running smooth as always!
  19. hehe - i NEVER "auto-update" with my AntiVir... It's ALWAYS OFF / "unckecked" there (in the options) Whenever i feel like (and that's quite often )))) - if right click on the AntiVir's icon in the tray and choose "Start update" They send out updates - pretty often during the working day / Monday to Fri .. German time Sometimes Saturday and Sunday also (but less often) So if i just right click.. - i take it WHENEVER i want to.. and not when the preset thingy triggers and gives it to me .. or something like that.. Before doing "Start Update" - i often check their web site's link(s) (1 of 2.. or even both) - to see if the new updates are available.. (they enter new version number their at those links like real time, lol) If there is NOT a new update.. - then i wouldn't even "start update" Here is what you asked for - 2 links for versions #s of update - Enjoy! This one that i ve been using long time already - http://www.avira.com/en/support/support_downloads.html (check the right side of the page there) or even this one that i just learned of very recently.. (someone mentioned at their forum few days ago) - http://www.avira.de/de/threats/section/vdfhistory/index.html (at this link, i think, it's even explained what each update "does")))) BTW - their Support, etc Forum is at http://forum.antivir-pe.de/index.php (with both German and English sections there)
  20. Darkman


    New Opera 9.10 build 8692 Beta is out! Running smooth as always.. supposed to be bunch of fixes and improvements, etc.. - Check this page out about it: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Opera...ows/945720329/1
  21. AntiVir rocks people! Trust me also.. What nag screen??? When getting updates sometimes AntiVir Notify thingy pops in.. - big deal.. it's kinda cute actually.. Just press OK on it.. and it's gone anyhow
  22. I am the one who is using Avira AntiVir (used to be called just AntiVir before) for couple of years now... And very happy with it.. - It's Free ..and highly rated .. and i like the design of it, etc... In any case.. very happy with it.. ( liked it better than other Free ones that i tried earlier - i think those were - Avast! and AVG ) .. tried them .. and settled down with AntiVir at the end
  23. Never mind.. I know how it works now .. Drag and Drop basically... Tried it... not too bad.. BUT .. i still like free AVS Disc Creator somewhat better Thanks again... Anyone wants to check out AVS Disc Creator - http://www.avsmedia.com/DiscCreator/download.aspx?dl=no (you can check other pages there as well about the product
  24. I downloaded it.. installed it... But can't figure out how to use it.. how to add folders / files to be burned? Meanwhile though i ve been using few times another free Burner AVS Disc Creator But how the heck do i add stuff in DeepBurner... maybe give me few step-by-steps when have time Thanks
  25. Thanks for your reply... What about that Deep Burner (FREE one) .. and me reading somewhere.. that it's adware.. or something like that... Is it adware? Thanks for your reply
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