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Adobe Shockwave 11 installs Norton scanner


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There's so many programs out there now that have something else riding piggyback along with them, call it adware or "piggybackware."


I came to the conclusion long ago of expecting something else riding alongside any application which is a very good and critical reason not to fly through installation screens, and yet another reason to track installations with ZSoft Uninstaller or Total Uninstall (Last Freeware Version).

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Just so people are aware, and read when installing Adobe 11



Thanks, Hazel.


In regards to this specific topic, when I downloaded and installed Shockwave 11(couple of weeks ago at least) the Norton option was already ticked(off course). I unticked the option but the scan program was still downloaded and started to run at the next "REBOOT". I uninstalled the program using Add/Remove programs and it completed. The next time I ran Malwarebytes MBAM, it found a suspicious item in the Recycler folder. It was the Norton Security Scan program.

I manually deleted it. End of that story.


Just a reminder to all new users.Whenever you download software,free or otherwise, you must read every window that is presented. Read everything that is presented and Use the provided "back" or "previous" button to uncheck the options again.

Some vendors use "plausible deny ability" and will "accidentally" re-select those options again. I will not mention names as many do it. It happened to me this morning. I had to use the "back" button because the option had been re-selected. The second time around the option was left as I set it.

Best wishes, :) davey

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