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Microsoft to Phase Out Windows Live OneCare


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Microsoft is giving up on its Windows Live OneCare subscription service next June. But it is not giving up on the security business entirely - it has plans for a free, anti-malware product code-named "Morro."


Two years after releasing Windows Live OneCare with much fanfare, Microsoft announced today it is abandoning the subscription service next June.


But it is not getting out of the consumer security business. In fact, the company plans to release a free, anti-malware product code-named "Morro" in the second half of 2009.

eWeek Article

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Microsoft in the security business is disgusting. Making and selling security products to protect their flawed products. Fix the flawed product would be the right thing to do not profit from the security products.


Been doing a lot of reading up on Macs lately and they just don't have the security problems Windows does. Don't even bother to give me the BS about how there are far more Windows machines out there that's why they are getting hit with all this malware. There are multi millions of Macs in use and if they were easy to write malicious programs for it would be done and done often. The fact is they are not easy to infect and Windows is so flawed it's not much effort to mess with.

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Windows Live OneCare was a good ideal although like most pay as you go security options I wouldn't have spent the $39 or $49 or whatever it was yearly subscription. I'm able to use it completely free of charge because that's what my ISP offers, however I choose not to use it because when trying it out on two separate occasions it uses far too much memory.


I hope their freeware alternative is good though and at least features a two-way firewall (actually I just wish they'd make a two-way freeware Windows firewall separately). I'll definitely test it out once they have a stable build of it.

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My friend is running Live OneCare and she is quite happy with it and as she is a very novice PC user and is quite happy to just read her Hotmail and not be bothered with the long learning time of using the fine aspects of the Internet I have to agree with her.


I have long since abandoned hope of trying to convince her of implementing more secure Windows browsing aspects but at least she has not been afflicted by the antivirus2008/2009 infections.

How Live OneCare changed the antivirus landscape

Posted by Robert Vamosi


Since its introduction in 2006, Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare has altered the antivirus landscape. With Tuesday's announcement that Microsoft will no longer be selling the product in retail outlets but offering a new free version, code-named Morro, starting in the second half of 2009, it's sure to change the field once again.


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