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CCleaner is incredibly slow now


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When I got the notice that you'd upgraded CCleaner I was like "oh, sweet!" I've loved using it, as it keeps space on my computer free.


But with this new build I've come across one big problem - it's way too slow.


Analyzing takes far too long to complete, and the actual cleaning is slow as well. Even if I only press Run Cleaner, it takes a massive amount of time to clean things up.


If there's no way this can be fixed, could I please have a link to the previous build? I wasn't able to find it on your site.



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Older versions are always available on the right hand side under the newest download at:



I have been extremely comfortable with CCleaner for quite a while. Ever since I read about it. I keep it handy all the time, and probably click on it a dozen times a day.


When this new version came out, I was surprised that I was notified by e-mail. Then, I was further surprised when I noted the different name and color. And finally, I was very suspicious when this new version ran three or four times longer than my previous versions, after it took my slow dial-up connection two hours to download!


It's free. Please do not think I'm ungrateful. I must assume this new version is simply much more thorough. After that lengthy download, I certainly am not anxious to switch back to an earlier (and presumably less-efficient) version.


Thank you.

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