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  1. No sir. I have actually been clicking "deny" on the suspicious behavior warning from Zone Alarm. The whole time, CCleaner is going through files and deleting some. I have been afraid to click "allow" until I know for certain it is safe. Every time I start using CCleaner, that same warning comes up, and I click "deny".. Thank you
  2. Thank you, davey. When I receive my "suspicious behavior" notice, should I allow or deny access? I have been denying access and CCleaner seens to be working, but am I not permitting access needed for the application to work properly?
  3. No sir. I prefer not to use automatic updates because often the update comes at an inconvenient time no matter what time I select.
  4. My Zone Alarm warns me of 'Suspicious Behavior" when I try to use my new version of CCleaner v.2.07.575. It says CCleaner is trying to launch C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe, or use another program to gain access to privileged resources. I am ignorant of all the computer technology. I have no idea if this is concerning some sort of trojan or not. I was simply concerned since I have been using CCleaner for a long time without anything like this appearing. I use CCleaner several times every day. Thank you.
  5. WOW! Thank you, hazelnut! The "slim version" is much more to my liking! It downloaded promptly, and it works much faster. Thank you, again.
  6. I have been extremely comfortable with CCleaner for quite a while. Ever since I read about it. I keep it handy all the time, and probably click on it a dozen times a day. When this new version came out, I was surprised that I was notified by e-mail. Then, I was further surprised when I noted the different name and color. And finally, I was very suspicious when this new version ran three or four times longer than my previous versions, after it took my slow dial-up connection two hours to download! It's free. Please do not think I'm ungrateful. I must assume this new version is sim
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