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  1. This topic is already made here, maybe it can help
  2. Hi i humbly request from the staff to fix this issue. Its disturb our office working flow, we can not put the key again and again waiting for the improvement
  3. Maybe the file is corrupted. Did you format the disc or accidently delete it ?
  4. Change the time in the bios and if that doesn't work change your cmos battery
  5. Thank for the reply, I would like to ask something Should i use inbuilt disk cleanup tool and its also safe for browser data and cleaning the app ?
  6. If you didn’t have a backup, you completely lost your files. I’m so sorry. Bad formatted files are the most commonly way of losing for sure an indd file
  7. hi friends i am in this community and i would like to know something about CCleaner. Hey all, is it safe to let CCleaner clean application data and browsing data. It's not touching Windows files cause I have that unchecked.
  8. The way things are going, they'll probably get valuated better than Amazon just on Mail Pro by next year. Google lost.
  9. Make sure the device is set as a removable drive in Device manager.
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