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  1. I started with DEBUG.. CCleaner64_v5.73.8130_2020-10-26_19-46-24-edit.log (Key and Name edited) *I started, entered my License Key and closed it after checking if the License is complete. CCleaner64_v5.73.8130_2020-10-26_19-46-47.log *Started again, License gone. CCleaner64_v5.73.8130_2020-10-26_19-46-24-edit.log CCleaner64_v5.73.8130_2020-10-26_19-46-47.log
  2. Just closed it after the screenshot with "X" and again "Back to Free".. *EDIT: yes, its repeatable, i enter the License key and then its "registered" after i press "X" (not closed only back to task) and when i open again its "Not Registered"
  3. Hello, Thank you for your answer. Yes, i updated to the latest version, he offers me to download the update and 1min later it was back again to free, because he forwarded me to the web page. I installed the key again and then i worked as it should be.
  4. Hello, Two weeks ago i buyed again a CCleaner license. When i register the Key, then its working, i can update and everything, but a few hours later when i open ccleaner again its back in FREE Mode.. I already de-installed ccleaner and deleted everything what was mentioned in the registry of it, but the problem is still available. Im using Windows 10 20H2.. Would be nice if somebody would have an idea, because its not nice to pay for something and always get kicked back to free hehe :)
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