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  1. Solved: Closed my browser and tried again, it now works. Gremlins
  2. https://www.ccleaner.com/defraggler/builds Portable Defraggler will not download, the "downloading now" web page flashes for 1 second and opens https://www.ccleaner.com/ instead Is the portable version no longer available ?
  3. Trialing Recuva using portable version Using portable Recuva v1.53.1087 External portable USB HDD | drive letter "F" | NTFS | Data only capacity: 50 GB | used: 10.1 GB | Free: 39.8 GB created a TXT file in F:\#1\folder_2\folder_3\folder_4\folder_5 File name: zz_test recuva_2017-02-08.txt moved focus to another folder to ensure Windows registered the new file returned to the test folder and deleted the test file Recuva portable Drive F: Filter: zz*.txt Scan Files... ------------ Recuva did not find the file but did find an obscure, 8 year old file "ZZSMW2P6.txt" path of the "ZZSMW2P6.
  4. For the past >20 years I have used a free defrag tool that is now no longer supported. Recently I acquired a new custom build (3 drives) tower AND a Lenovo laptop, both 64bit Win7 PRO So it is time to move into the 21st century. For the last 5 hours I have read all Defraggler web-pages I can find, and am impressed with the online "Documentation", I simply did not know Defraggler is so versatile and sophisticated A few questions: how many seats can I use PRO Defraggler on ? are any features in PRO, disabled in free version Defraggler's INI file Documentation page http://ww
  5. I have been using Palemoon for about 3 years, no lock ups ... but I agree with you about Firefox ... it has got slower and so many features are not finished.
  6. Vivaldi -- isn't it Chrome based ? Google
  7. Now that Opera has split mail and browser .. Opera-mail specs look promising but the installation process has not been a good one.
  8. Kaspersky shot themselves in the foot earlier this year (Jan-2015) I changed our AV to KIS-2015 (small office of 8 seats), but when it came to internet banking KIS would not recognise my default browser PaleMoon. Nor would it recognise any mozilla browsers (incl FireFox) for internet banking. - KIS "Safe Money" would only "play" with Internet Explorer, but then only with reduced security levels To make matters worse KIS locked up browser and email client, so we had to resort to Linux machine for browsing and mail. KIS-2015 was released in August 2014 and the bug was acknowledge
  9. Hi Hazelnut I was not aware there is v5.09, released 4 days ago - for memory updating has been a "while I am here" experience With your prompt in my "ear" downloaded CCleaner v5.09 What a pleasant surprise, a vast improvement - there will be critics because it "aint't pretty" BUT it is a step in the (IMHO) right-direction of improved visability and separation of the CCleaner window from other bland Metro themed windows. In my experience the web has a lot of critics about appearance and themes. - but appearance is so very subjective and personal taste ... or lack of it. If we can
  10. And I thought I had nothing more to say .... The Metro look in Win10 (and w8 and w8.1) is not winning hearts for valid visual reasons. MS have been beating the "Metro" drum since W8/8.1/10 ... and developers are not exactly embracing Metro either. Metro might be suitable for phones but not for desktops and >15" laptops. - MS -- only with 4% of the hand device market -- they can hardly be the market leaders - so why is CCleaner designing their UI for 4% of the perceived market ? When I read Windows: it's always the next version by my reckoning about 10%, if that, embrace M
  11. I have just read Ccleaner not cleaning Palemoon cookies.sqlite ... didn't want to hijack "cartel's" thread, (Installed) Pale Moon -- my preferred browser - IE gets used about every few months, although I know IE is used in the background by MS and other 3rd party programs - IE is used by VBA to load clipboard with text too. Running portable CCleaner v5.05.5176. - no sign of "PaleMoon in Cleaner -> Applications With only one browser open, Palemoon ... CCleaner showed this alert while cleaning Applications - IE is-not/was-not open PaleMoon is no longer a fork of Firefox (
  12. Hi mta, Thanks for the info ... fortunately I am not paranoid ... I just don't trust anyone
  13. My last visit was 28-May-2015 ... today is 6-June-2015 - I don't remember if I have voted for a post in this thread ? ... where does "today" come from ... I have not voted for months, possibly last year 2014
  14. A good question -- happens for me too since reading the OP's post Should I be using a third party "wiper" ?
  15. Just what Nergal said ! GUI = Graphical User Interface UI = User Interface ... shorthand for GUI by some people And in plain language what you see on the screen when using a program or application, images text, buttons etc A user friendly interface For experienced users the Command window Some of us here are not impressed with the new "flat look" of CCleaner GUI ... (including me) - I am rather hoping that some serious grovelling and fawning might soften the hearts of Piriform
  16. I don't see any point to just a rollback ... BUT ... offer a two choice option1. Rollback style2. Flat look style... would be a reasonable compromise (IMHO)... or even an addon/plugin ? ([Voldemort] have been given the nod, without any warranty by Piriform)Not everyone will be pleased. There will always be unsatisfied users. Always! These are the people who have bothered (or even know how) to register their displeasure "thousands" is an assumption not a fact.- to get a more real "dissatisfaction" number would require at least a "poll" but then that only captures visitors to this foru
  17. Malwarebytes "flat" look is OK with me (not my favourite, but just OK) ... because the GUI window elements are easily identified visually. I can also understand how rendering windows on a portable device will use more battery power, so "flat" borderless look would be less demanding on power drawn (I assume). - but phones rarely, if ever, have overlapping windows ... desktops are multi-skilled and can work with multiple windows visible. I work on AutoCad all day. A rig, 2 monitors. I can have about 8 windows open and all visible. My suggestion is for more distinctive GUI element borde
  18. I am sight impaired. To use the flat look ... OS or programs is making my working life very difficult Two dimensional white on white -AND- no textured images (lack of implied 3 dimensional images) makes my working life very stressful. - the biggest failing with flat look is lack of a distinctive borders and distinctive controls, trying to remember which box is text and which is a control. Sight impaired people don't want to be on the scrap heap of life when we want to be financially independent. My new PC came with Win8 ... downgraded to Win7 with Classic Start and Classic Explorer ..
  19. In the absence of a web-master link -AND- the "Contact community administrator" link is undeliverable ... Something is broken Today while on the CCleaner forum I tried to "Sign Out" using the control next to my member-alias in top right of web page , ie, "Sign Out" Three times I tried to sign out and each time received this message ... ie, http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login&do=logout&k=e8da50e6c444dfb1bd599374bb633a5c So I clicked on the "Contact the community administrator" link ... - I completed the de
  20. Just had a look at "Winapp2's post in particular it's a thing web page. A flat design BUT shadow around active controls ... an attempt to identify controls from text panels. @ Faziri I have eaten dog meat, snake and insects but I don't assume every one one should like it too !
  21. Q1: Is Winapp.ini a problem ? I have been using CCleaner for years - about 12 months ago I broke the default .VBS editor connections being to careless (and over confident) while testing various VBS editors - CCleaner was not implicated in my catastrophe. - it took days to rectify the registry with the help of CCleaner and other tools -- a clean OS install was not an option - a lesson in caution ... and I learnt how to use CCleaner respectfully. I am considering implementing Winapp2.ini Q2: Is Winapp2.ini over zealous ? SPECS: Toshiba Satellite C665 OS:= Windows 7 Home Premium (
  22. Thumbs down for the flat look On a busy desktop flatness blends into everything else on the screen - to many times I don't know what is a dialog or another panel on "which?" open program - at times very confusing and a time waster trying to find what window/dialog has the focus An UI option would be helpful -- flat and classical - then most of us would be happy - I appreciate not everyone will be happy It isn't rocket science that MS have paid dearly $$$ for their gaffs with Win-8 - ClassicShell are providing gazillions of PC users with "classic" desktop, Start menu and W
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