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  1. Confirmed on Windows XP! I have no idea what CCleaner is trying to do here... But, I am pretty sure it is failing terribly.
  2. @Winapp2.ini I was wrong, Firefox Site Preferences doesn't delete the webappsstore.sqlite file, instead it deletes content-prefs.sqlite. That file doesn't contain the "super cookies" stuff, but it does contain the site specific zoom options and other site specific options user may have set. Websites can't use this file to track the user unlike with the webappsstore.sqlite file.
  3. It's a generic term used for stuff like Flash cookies, Silverlight cookies, Site Preferences..., that can be used to track the user on the web in the same way as normal browser cookies.
  4. I think selecting Firefox's site preferences deletes the webappsstore.sqlite file. That file mainly contains site specific zoom options and "super cookies" set by websites.
  5. Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation of why this could happen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_Internet_Files So it's "fail-safe measure" build in IE. Now I'm not quite sure why CCleaner causes the fail-safe folders to be created, but I think it happens because CCleaner blocks the access to index.dat files when it's wiping them, thus triggering the fail-safe when the system try to gain access to the index.dat files. IE doesn't need to be running for this to happen because the index.dat files are always on use by other components of the system.
  6. You should also disable 'Cookies' and 'History'. CCleaner deletes most of the Index.dat files when these options are selected.
  7. Yes I have noticed this too, but I can't reproduce it always. For me, after logout or reboot the folders change back to their normal locations. Version 3.00.1310 is the latest version without this behavior. I think this problem happens because of the way CCleaner handles Index.dat files when cleaning cookies in newer versions.
  8. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/0h88fahh%28VS.85%29.aspx 1025 - Arabic 1026 - Bulgarian 1027 - Catalan 1028 - Chinese - Taiwan 1029 - Czech 1030 - Danish 1031 - German 1032 - Greek 1034 - Spanish 1035 - Finnish 1036 - French 1037 - Hebrew 1038 - Hungarian 1040 - Italian 1041 - Japanese 1042 - Korean 1043 - Dutch 1044 - Norwegian 1045 - Polish 1046 - Portuguese - Brazilian 1048 - Romanian 1049 - Russian 1050 - Croatian 1051 - Slovak 1052 - Albanian 1053 - Swedish 1055 - Turkish 1058 - Ukrainian 1059 - Belarusian 1060 - Slovenian 1061 - Estonian 1063 - Lithuanian 1065 - Persian 1066 - Vietnamese 1067 - Armenian 1068 - Azeri (Latin) 1071 - Macedonian (FYROM) 1079 - Georgian 1110 - Galician 2052 - Chinese - Simplified 2070 - Portuguese 2074 - Serbian (Latin) 3098 - Serbian (Cyrillic) 5146 - Bosnian 9999 - Kurdish * I think that's all of them. * Not a real Locale ID, but very much a real language.
  9. Right. Just checking the files not cleaning them. Yeah it's portable executable. No install and it shouldn't leave anything behind.
  10. I got it wrong. It's 'History' that wipes the Index.dat files not 'Cookies'. I could have sworn that it was 'Cookies' though. I used IdatScan (Index.dat Scanner) to check the files before and after. The origin website of IdatScan is long gone so it may be hard to find working download links for it.
  11. Indeed... It would seem that CCleaner wipes the Index.dat files when you have Cookies selected for cleaning and selectin 'Index.dat files' does nothing.
  12. I noticed that after you run CCleaner once it no longer detects Microsoft Management Console (Not until you run some MSC files). This happens because MS Management Console detect value is the same as the RegKey1 value: [MS Management Console] ID=2064 LangSecRef=3025 Detect=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Management Console\Recent File List Default=True RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Management Console\Recent File List Correct detect value should be: [MS Management Console] ID=2064 LangSecRef=3025 Detect=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Management Console Default=True RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Management Console\Recent File List This is a pretty minor bug, but it's a bug none the less.
  13. Is anyone else seeing a notable decreased in performance with Flash 10.1? I thought this new version was suppose so improve performance and add hardware acceleration for HD videos, but I'm actually getting worse performance on youtube than before.
  14. The system.dll and everything else in the $PLUGINSDIR is part of the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System that Piriform uses for it's installers. The system.dll is only used when you run the installer. It's extracted in the windows temp directory and deleted when the installer quits.
  15. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ There. I would really like to see you report that one.
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