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  1. The problem is that I use portable browsers, and even if I extract embedded INI, I don't know what CCleaner cleans ( file names ) from a std installation. So if someone would tell me ( file names ) what CCleaner deletes after a web session with Barracuda, I could resolve the question. Thanks.
  2. Hi. Could any post somewhere the latest Embedded_INIs_3.06 ? Thanks.
  3. For anyone who needs: the only software that can delete specific reg keys ( at your option ) is RegAssassin. Since it's a small completely portable executable," I don't think " it would be difficult to set up a similar task in Ccleaner. Greetings. zak_711
  4. I had already tried this solution by looking at winapp2.ini file. I added "Detect ..." but it didn't work, even renaming the file in winreg2.ini. Maybe the problem is that the registry key is generated by "Radio Sure Portable" that has nothing to do with the software "Enigma Protector", as reported in previous posts. I'll have to use the reg file. I hope Ccleaner's future versions will have the choice to select registry keys in "Advanced" as it does for files. Thanks everyone for the given time, alas empty! zak_711 (rookie)
  5. I have to delete manually the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enigma Protector after closing Radio Sure. It's not a malware, it's only a not so good portable software. I open the editor and then I delete the key. That's all. So I was wondering if Ccleaner could do that for me. ( Or some power user! ) Thanks.
  6. I tried the Andavari solution but it doesn't work. I also tried to add aspecific line in ccleaner.ini: Include25=REG|HKCU\Software\Enigma Protector It's the negative of the exclusion option, but it still doesn't work. I'd prefer to use Ccleaner for "this" reg key, like for a temp file, since "this" reg key is usually given by a "not properly portable software". ( F.E. Ausdiskdefragportable ) Any tip is welcome. Thanks.
  7. This is not the question since I've never installed enigmaprotector software! The key is given by RadioSure on SOME radio stations! Incredible! Anyway, this is a relevant question since may be I'll need to delete OTHER reg keys. Hence I posted: How to?! Thanks
  8. Hello everyone. I apologize for my last post in which I asked the country code for my language! It was enough that I'd open the .ini file! Now I think I have made ​​some progress, but it's still not enough. I need to delete a registry key ( and all the subkeys )that is incorrectly created every time I launch a portable application. I followed the instructions on the Piriform website about the .ini file (winreg2.ini), but it wasn't enough. Ccleaner, indeed, sees the registry key but it doesn't remove it. I think winreg2.ini lacks of a line. Can anyone help me? Thanks. [invalid Reg Key] LangSecRef=3004 Default=True RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Enigma Protector Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enigma Protector] [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enigma Protector\A4C2B74853A54DE3-F9A9A9839FF05FED] [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enigma Protector\A4C2B74853A54DE3-F9A9A9839FF05FED\5367AD53BAF7AD5B-55EC381193ED1459] "46DF8FD7"=hex:24,8b,69,6f,ac,7c,dd,8a,6f,18,da,2f,69,6d
  9. Hi everyone. Where I can find the language codes of .ddl files in the lang folder of CCleaner Portable? I'd like to select my language and delete the others to decrease the size. Thanks. zak
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