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  1. Ben, Thanks but I just tried it again and the new version is being downloaded now. The pages i followed earlier was from the Ccleaner update notice which had the new version on it but the download page didn't.
  2. When you go to download page, the download is still 5.57.7182
  3. Nirsoft has just come out with an app to display Microsoft edge Cookies. After running CCleaner 5.45.6611- Edgecookiesview shows cookies still present. However it seems that running delete cookies in the EDGE browser doesn't delete them either.
  4. Thanks for the Response nukecad I am not sure what the benefit is in doing your suggestions and what effects it may have, And does it solve the problem of asking to reenter credentials.
  5. Can CCleaner be causing a problem where A popup appears in Windows 10 stating: "Click here to enter your most recent Credential. Your M icrosoft account needs you to sign in again" I get this message about every 2 days. And I have none of the items in ADVANCED checked. I have tried the suggestions found in google searches, but the problem persists. It could be a windows 10 bug, but i see some have had the problem in Win 8 and 8.1 also.
  6. Andavari, I must beg your forgiveness. It seems that CCleaner is running, BUT so fast that the Systray icon never appears but CCleaner has done its job when run from Recycle bin. I have one question though: Is there a way to save the "cookies to keep" List before uninstalling CCleaner?
  7. I think this just happened with the latest update to CCleaner 4.18.4844. CCleaner does not even open when "Run CCleaner" is clicked on in Recycle bin menu. OS Windows 8.1.1 64-bit PC
  8. Quote: Are you now saying that you can tell CCleaner to delete them and immediately ANALYZE again and they failed to go, but then you can manually delete them and they STAY deleted and never reappear ? How do you manually clean cookies if you cannot find them in cookie folders ? Yes Alan that is what i am saying. I found these cookies in : C:\Documents and Settings\Joseph Calderone\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache\XUTLAHEZ and C:\Documents and Settings\Joseph Calderone\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\592YVZVT I found these folders by doing a google search Once i deleted them manually using Windows Explorer Delete they did not return Right now there are 3 items in 592YVZVT but they do not show in the cookies window of CCleaner.
  9. Thanks Alan, That is how i realized they were Adobe cookies and I manually deleted them. My point was why isn't CCleaner deleting them. No sense having an option in CC to do adobe cookies and then not doing it.
  10. As i said in my first post "adobe Flash Player" was already checked.
  11. I found that all those cookies are adobe flash cookies. so the problem is that ccleaner is not removing them.
  12. I have CCleaner version 3.5.1409 installed on a WinXp pro Sp3 PC. When i display CCleaner > Options > Cookies it shows 8 cookie names that will not delete. even though if opening all the cookie folders, none have any cookies in them. CCleaner is definately deleting cookies! The 8 cookies are: Flash.mindjolt.com ie.microsoft.com mochibot.com picayune.uclick.com s.ytimg.com www.poodwaddle.com www.walters.com www38.talltreegames.com Adobe Flash Player is checked under muutimedia where could these cookie names be coming from?
  13. I olny used the analyzer to check what's happening with ccleaner. never used it to clean the index.dat files. I hope your right, Login123, that the developers will fix the bug.
  14. So why not use Index.dat analyzer from here: http://www.systenance.com/indexdat.php It's excellent for viewing the files in the tif folders
  15. True, It's not a program I use much either, but it comes in handy at a time like this.
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