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  1. what brand is the PSU? what's the WATTS on it? what Video Card you have installed? did you make sure EVERYTHING is connected and seated properly? where did you download this copy of Windows 7? MS Site only list Build 7100.

  2. You guys I like your posts!! They make me giggle. By the way whats the name of that Router with Blue/greenish lights that costs someone parents $250? I just like it!! the Colors!! Seems fun :rolleyes:
    hehe, it's the old Netgear RangeMax Routers. the 240 Series i believe Link (Regardless of what users say it's a great Router! Never had any issues)


    btw... (Note: these are pics. when my build was pre-built!)











  3. Using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit Edition.


    1st Comp: Windows 98SE | AMD Athlon 1GHZ | 256MB of RAM | 32MB Geforce MX400 (I think?) | 40GB HDD

    2nd Comp: Windows Xp | AMD Athlon Xp 1.6GHZ | 1.5GB of RAM | 64MB Onboard Graphics (Later ATI Powercolor 9600Pro 256MB AGP 8x 128-Bit) | 80GB HDD


    Present: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit SP1 | AMD Athlon 64 x2 4850e 2.5GHZ OC'ed @3.10GHZ | nVidia Geforce 8600GTS 512MB 128-Bit 704/1008MHZ | 320GB OS/160GB Storage


    Edit: Soon to upgrade too two HIS 4830's in Crossfire Mode :)

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