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  1. I'd look around for one of those tweaks that lets you put a Control Panel shortcut on the desktop, or wherever you wish. I don't know if it's possible in Vista, but with previous versions of Windows it was.


    Edit: Maybe TweakNow WinSecret Pro (freeware) can do it, of course I don't know off hand if it actually can.

    you can simply do that by Right-Clicking Desktop and selecting Personalization then Change desktop icons.

  2. Andavari, i know... it annoys me too but it's not all that of a bother to me. their is a way of disabling that but i think (i may be wrong) requires some Registry editing. also, one thing does annoy me is in My Documents they have change some stuff around and getting to it is confusing. also, everything seems to be held in the Control Panel which is stressful. like... just to view the Network Adapter Details "IP and all" you have to either right-click the Icon in task bar and go to Network sharing options or go to Start/Control/Network and Internet options. all this clicking isn't necessary. Xp is by far way easier to get around and doing stuff. Vista for me is fine so far. i really have no issues then just those complaints above.

  3. Hi guys,


    awhile back i complained about Windows Vista. about how Microsoft changed everything around and making it worse. today, i currently have Windows Vista Ultimate installed with the following specs.


    ASUS A8V-XE Motherboard

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939 Processor

    EVGA Geforce 8600 256MB 675/2024MHZ PCI-E

    Corsair 3GB DDR400

    Western Digital IDE 80GB HDD 26.9GB left of free space


    and i have to say Vista runs awesome on my computer. yeah, my Motherboard isn't made for it or designed for it but hey... the only thing i needed was Sound and i found that at Alphadownloads.com


    i thought about what i was going to do before i installed Vista. i thought my gaming was going to get worse cause i've watched videos on Youtube saying some BS! here and there but you know... it's not bad. pretty much the same with Xp and maybe... just maybe a slight Frame rate drop. other then all this i can say Microsoft has done well at least for me and some other users who use Vista.

  4. i have a Myspace and i'm a member of the Tech Forums. i hate when people ***** about their problems with Myspace. it's either about them not logging in, not being able to access mail, or there friends being removed, or # of friends decreasing. people should think before ever posting. Myspace is FREE and so that being said they only have a few people fixing the issues. also, i really hate it when people ***** about their layouts. i make my own so i tell them to go to a trusted site. all-in-all Myspace was poorly designed but the new NAV bar and all looks ok at least.

  5. my ISP is Embarq. we FINALLY after nearly a year had a guy come out and fix our problem. the guy said the way the other guy splinted the wiring for my phone line was all wrong so he cut it and we did the wiring. now all is well for me so no more having the connection down every time we get a call. i had that same problem rridgely when a storm came pasting through. it blew the Ethernet Port on my MB as well and that was 2 years ago. i just replaced the port with a PCI Ethernet Card.

  6. correct, i'd agree with Humpty. AVG recently released AVG 8.0 which now they have integrated AVG Anti-Spyware with their anti-Virus Program. the good news about this is that it is FREE. for more advanced options and such you can pay $30 (i think) and have that but Basic Edition is A OK in my book. also, Spybot and Adaware have had there chance in success for the years that us users had our ways with. but now in this year and last with all the new releases they have changed and gone to crap. SUPERAnti-Spyware i ahve used for more over a year and like it so far.

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