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  1. just got through and i'm not impressed at all.


    1. takes long for the App. to install

    2. requires a restart? o please...

    3. requires a restart to uninstall? WTH?


    Lavasoft has truly gone down hill since late 2006. since i've been using Spybot, Malwarebytes', and SUPERAnti-Spyware i couldn't be any happier. i would even say SpywareTerminator is better.

  2. hehe, those HP Printers at Walmart always going on sell :P


    my Grandpa gave me his HP855C Series Printer (not sure of the Model Name but it was 8## something) and it worked and printed fine for years back on my old Rig.

  3. i actually tried it and it just felt like i was using Vista but with SP2. it felt and looked the same. yeah, there was a few things switched around and they made it somewhat... easier to get into some options that you couldn't easily find in Vista but other then that nah... Windows 7 isn't a must have OS. the new features is just a gimmick really.

  4. OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

    Browser: IE7+IE7Pro, Firefox, Google Chrome

    Anti-Virus: Aira AntiVir Personal

    Anti-Spyware: Malwarebyte', SUPERAnti-Spyware, Spybot

    Cleaners: CCleaner, Defraggler

    Photo Editor: Paint.Net

    Torrent: uTorrent

    DVD Rip: DVD Decrypter+DVD43

    Firewall: Router, Windows Firewall

  5. actually rridgely Vista does run quite well on the ASUS EEE 1000's but xpo is still the best choice regardless. it'll be very very interesting if MS can pull Windows 7 off to be what it suppose to be (an OS that doesn't require so much to run). why couldn't Vista be Windows 7? yes, Vista was in development upon Xp release but they could of kept Xp cause now you see users still using Xp over Vista!

  6. i was thinking... why has Microsoft named this OS Windows 7? they're not counting Windows 3.1? yeah, 3.1 wasn't really sold to public i don't believe but still.


    3.1, 95, 98SE, ME, 2000, Xp, Vista, (Upcoming) Windows 7. that's 8! lol :mellow:


    Windows 98 doesn't count since SE came out like few months after.

  7. idk, i was looking at some demos of the new thumbnail feature and it has interest me a little. Microsoft has made actual icon shortcuts (similar to the start Menu/All Programs) this replacing the old Taskbar with the new improved one. remember when you had lots and lots of the same Apps. going or downloading lots of files and they all would group up? well, with this new Taskbar it's slightly different take a look

  8. Its coming out so soon because vista has PR issues(among other things).

    They are releasing windows 7 in hopes that people will forget about vista fast.

    wow, another mistake like Windows ME. this is embarrassing and mostly disappointing. i have no problems with Vista. Runs fine and has all features i need or less features i don't... need <_< i've seen Demos of Windows 7 and the new Thumbnail feature and the Aero shake feature seem pretty nice. hmm... i wonder if Vista users will be able to upgrade? like without formatting and having to backup Files :mellow: i plan on staying with Vista till Windows 7 prices go down when it's released.

  9. hello, last year or so one of the members here posted a Freeware App. that monitored Internet activity, RAM Usage and more i believe. it had a Blue colored interface. i forgot the name of it.

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