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  1. Hey guys, Just got the news off of Avast Forums and would like to share it. I downloaded it and messed around with it. I did not like it all that much. They switched around some stuff that I didn't like. They took away the "By Artist drop-down content box" and now you have to go back and forth to the media Library which will upset most WMP Fans. I'm using Winamp for now though till they at least and hopefully will look in to what they've done wrong. Also they took away most of the Skins and all on the Beta.


    Link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Vi...Player-11.shtml "Note that this is the release Beta version. No problems at all" Enjoy and you may comment.

  2. CPU - AMD Athlon Xp 2000+ 1.667GHZ

    Graphics card - PowerColor ATI 9600Pro 256MB/128-Bit 400/400MHZ Memory/Core

    Motherboard - MSI MS-7061 Micro Motherboard

    RAM - 768MB OF RAM 3200/2700 Sticks

    OS - Windows Xp Professional Sp2

    Internet Adpater - D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless Adapter

    Bowser - FireFox 1.5.2 (Build 21)

    HDD - 80G

    CD Drive - Memorex Ultra Speed 52X/32X/52X

  3. Hi there, I am having the same problem, could you tell me where you found the zip file and what zip file to look for.


    So... sorry for the long wait my friend. Go Here!and click on the 2nd Link/Question. There, will be a Zip.file containing a fix. But don't have your MP3 player plugged in at first. All you do is Double-click the file.

  4. Hi, I have three computers. Two are Wireless and one is Wired. We have a ADSL 645Series modem/Router and a NetGear MR814V.2 Wireless/Cable 4-Port Router.


    I am trying to bridge the two Routers. Do I have to have one Wireless and one Wired connection Eabled? I need to know cause Mine and my Mom's computer are on Wireless but I can bring the Modem and Router to my computer and have mine Wired and have my brothers run on Wireless.


    I'm not quite sure what to enter when I bridge. However, I do understand that I will need my Account Info. cause our ISP "Sprint" Requires Log-In. And If I'm right Should I copy my IP Address from the Modem by going into the Modem config. status page?


    Right now are Connection is messed up and I just found out that are Modem is a Router or... somewhat one. I was told by our ISP that it needed bridged cause they saw that we were having Connection drops on us. They tested us and they found the problem. I'm the Computer network guy at the house so... I'm having to do all of it. I can't trust my ISP as they have some dumb people who don't know crap!


    Well, hope you can help...


    "All computers have Windows Xp Professional Sp2"

  5. Hehe... I love my backgrounds




    mr. brownstone what Browser is that? "Maxthon"? or... is just FireFox with IE Tab Plug-In? :huh:


    "Did you make that Skin within the browser yourself?" B)

  6. I took the time to go out side with my Digital Camera and take some pictures of our little pond out in the back. Such a sunny and pretty day here in NC ^_^ "Kinda windy though... :rolleyes: "



  7. Hi, I took my sweet little time to go back to the 1 browser I've always hated doo to crashes. Now, since I went in and tested it, I have to say they did a good job on 8.1! I uninstalled it though. Just thought I try it out but I'll give it a 8 out of 10.


    Try it and repost what you think ot it - Netscape 8.1

  8. Hi, Me again. Ok, I'm still networked on the "Netgear MR814V.2 Wireless/Cable/DSL/4-port Router". One computer upstairs and two are downstairs. One is connected to one port in the router and the others our Wireless. Wireless Adpaters are "D-Link 's DWL-G510". I'm having problems on "Myspace" and that's including any... profile and I'm also having connection drops on other websites as well.


    I've resetted the ADSL Modem and the Router. I put in the CD and started it up and re-put everything in. The log-in, Account Info. and what not. The connection is still slow. What could be causing this Issues? I don't feel like calling our ISP :(


    Link: Modem - http://www.zyxel.com/web/product_family_de...6A-CAB0FC58490F


    Link: Router - http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/MR814v2.asp


    Software Included with CD: Total Access 2005*


    Note: No Spyware or Viruses on computers. CLEAN!

  9. If SP2 is embedded then you can't remove it. When you dowload SP2, for example, you can remove it various ways. If your CD says "Windows XP Professional with SP2" you have to keep SP2.


    The CD i'm using came from a guy who works in Fort Brag in North carolina. The CD was made by him. He is the guy who works on the network there. I think there was something wrong because early my MP3 was not detected as an MP3 Player. It was detected as a Digital Camera but I fixed that problem yesterday. Anyways, looks like I'll have to keep it until I get some. No big deal but thx for the Info


    I didn't know that. :mellow:

  10. Ok, Installed WindowsXp Professional with Sp2 on the CD. The Removal for Sp2 was not found in Add/Remove nor is it listed in Ccleaner. I did some search on Google on how to remove it. I found some to copy/paste into run. The things I copy/paste were or could not be found. Is there any other way beside me having to reformatt or repairing?


    Note: Repairing would be my last thing I would want to do.

  11. Ok, I have a MP3 2GB* player. It's being read as an Digital Camera. I have the CD it came with and have WMP 10 installed. The thing is the CD I installed windows on already had Sp2 but this is weird. Sp2 is surpose to read this as MP3. What's the deal? I have the Software for the MP3 Player installed.


    The Philips MP3 model is:HDD82/17


    Hope anyone can help.

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