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  1. LIL NOOB, what brand is your Notebook? i am just wondering. you must of used the recovery disc that came with that Notebook to restore right? cause that crap in add/remove wouldn't be there otherwise :lol:


    hazelnut, hehe forgot about the removal tool for McAFee -_-

  2. And as you can see in the taskbar it shows I still have Mcafee,Norton, Aol Security center and QuickTime..even tho I already uninstalled them..

    Anyways to get rid of them?


    Is it OK if I search for all McAfee's/Norton and Aol files and delete them since I can't uninstall it?

    hmm... Norton always was a pain to uninstall. trey the Norton Removal App. HERE and see if that gets rid of things. as far as McAfee idk man. try going into Safe Mode and see if you can't uninstall/Remove the Folder/Files.


    as Corona said use either of those provided Anti-Virus Apps.


    Note: to get into "Safe Mode" reboot PC/Notebook and hit F8 BEFORE the Windows Logo Boot Screen appears.



    This site Filehippo has the cleanest versions of anything you'll ever need. They pride themselves on cleanliness. Great starting point.
    Agreed there Corona :)

  3. Adobe Reader/Adobe Download Manager "Stays" Update!

    Intel extreme Graphics Drivers "Update" HERE

    iTunes "Stays" or "Uninstall" your option Update!

    Nero "Stays" or "Uninstall" your option Update!

    Windows Installer "Stays" Will be updated via Windows Update


    Everything else I DIDN'T MENTION can be uninstalled. some of those are known as Spyware and is harmful to your system like "WildTanget Web Driver".


    Recommended Apps



    Spybot - S&D Optional in my book

    AntiVir Personal or AVAST!

    K-Lite enables you to watch any Movie in ANY format basically

  4. A couple of members here and on other Forums i have seen complain about when after installing new software like IE8 or new updated versions of there Anti-Virus they tend to complain a lot about performance decreasing and system hanging or start-up times become slower. idk what causes this really. it's just something to talk about as the title says. i haven't had any issues yet with installing the updated version of IE8, Avira, or any other software. so please tell us your stories and the complaints that you have.

  5. Jesus what is with you guys and having issues after installing a new version of great software? you peeps need to stop using those modified Docking Apps and such :P


    me and rridgely never seem to have the same problems. we always seem to have the same results :)

  6. Birth Date: Feb. 24 1987 "Smallest baby known in the state Alabama. i was small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. i had a 3% chance of living due to my 2 month early birth. may god watch over me until i die!"



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