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  1. I also thought, that it frozed a few times, so I hit reset, but it did not, it just needs time to optimize files on the HDD, because it does not only defragment them, it also puts them in a line from the beginning of HDD. So it is not the fastest one, but it does better job than Auslogics, which I used for a few months and is obviously weaker, so just give it a time, get a coffee and let it finish, you will surprised, how fast it is everything gona be afterwards.
  2. I have the same problem, I rolled back to CCleaner 2.00.495 RC, untill it is fixed.
  3. I update my software manually, when I receive update newsletter from Softpedia. The same for WU from MS. I have nothing automatic checking the internet updates.
  4. Money should be hidden in something, that can not be moved away.
  5. Comodo is a great firewall, the one of the best and not only from freeware soft. You disable Aplication Behaviour and Component Control to get lower RAM usage. It will also results in less popups, no high CPU at p2p. Well, I recommend it as #1. By the way, noone ever mention Core Force it is free, beta, with HIPS and sandbox.
  6. My CCleaner still finds about 25 activex/COM (Vista Ultimate). You need to set a Full Control registry permission for these keys. I have not done it, I do not have time to do after every instalation.
  7. DP Burner (with skin support) is still beta, but works just fine. But I have not been to able to burn VCD or SVCD (with plugins) I have also found LC ISO Creator, which can create ISO from CD/DVD.
  8. Thank you, I do not need it, but you helped me to solve one long-term problem. RegSeeker allways found Wordpad.exe in Classes, even when it is removed with nLite and I realised, that I have forgot about exclude.ini, so I removed everything from there and now RegSeeker finds nothing. Thanks.
  9. CCleaner is the safest registry cleaning I know, I never used backup with it. I use RegSeeker now, because then CCleaner finds nothing, only missing shortcuts and I do not use backup either and I have no problems.
  10. I have came to report the same problem, when I found this topic. I know for sure, that those log files were allways removed before. I have Notepad++ registried with log file type, maybe that causes it?
  11. WMP in activex looks better and otherwise I do not care, it is allways minimized. They could make it to be able to play QT, not only RT and some common formats.
  12. I use all those tweaks, even more and I do not need to waste money on realtime software like AV or etc. The only realtime I have is a firewall (just as a layer protection for Windows settings) along with tighten settings for Windows (like you mentioned) and for IE, so I can visit any webpage without getting infected. These days it is popular to install as much protection software as possible, instead taking a few houres to secure the Windows. Eg by disabling WSH with Symantec's NoScript everything will work, but people can not get infected via HTML (for instance via emails). And just for the beginning, CCleaner is the best freeware simple security tool for Windows out there. By the way RonTheCon, I am sorry, that people "appreciate" your help so much. But do not take it seriously, it is normal. I have learned many times, that for help I give, I have to pay instead of getting simple Thanks. At least I say Thank You.
  13. This source claims, that it affects only Win2000, which has only 2 keys for it and WinXP has 3 keys for it. According to it, in WinXP it doesnot matter, if it is 1 or 2, but Belarc Advisor does not like it, when it is set to 2, so it lowers my score (from 7,29 to 6,46). By the way, could share your reg tweaks? Here are mine, there are just a few I found.
  14. Wouldnot be better to set it to 1? Why to set AutoShareServer & AutoShareWks to 2? Only 0 & 1 are availabe, no? By the way, if you would create reg file, it would be easier for some people.
  15. I had similar problem. If you use CCleaner, try unchecking "Delete index.dat files".
  16. Russians companies provide the best security products, so I believe them, when they claim, that it is dangerous. Will be CCleaner setup fixed sometimes? I tried to put CCleaner setup to rar, even rars to rar, it did not help. When I put it to 7-zip, KAV did not detected it, so maybe malicious code will not detect it neither? I consider CCleaner as the best free security product, because it helps in prevention, which is more important than cleaning with AV, so this situation makes me sad.
  17. TheTOM_SK


    Bittorent is great fo downloading big files (CD and DVD images, videos, software). Emule is nice for searching and downloading small files (music, short videos, pictures).
  18. I use Nero Express 6 mostly for burning, but I have not found a freeware, that would allow to copy a disc on HDD, like image. I use .nrg images as backups.
  19. Those Net optimizeres actually optimize net, but they can decrease security, like: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters] "EnablePMTUDiscovery"=dword:00000000Disable Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Discovery As An Attacker Could Force The MTU Value To A Very Small Value And Overwork The Stack
  20. eTrust EZ Antivirus. Microsoft Windows Security Center Antivirus Partners. Note: "Computer Associates reserves the right to retract this offer at any time."
  21. TheTOM_SK

    IE favicons

    I got it, when I copy Favorites manually, the link to the icon stays intact. So import/export Favorites can not be used, they have to be copied manually.
  22. TheTOM_SK


    Do you use Google? It is freeware, is not it? Google uses ADs to earn money, so they are trying to "force" users to use their cookies and referres, like Google Earth needs cookies and referres for "kh.google.com" or Gmail needs cookies for "google.com", so once it is allowed, google knows everything about that user. When you block cookies and referres, you are not helping to eran their money, but you can still use Google for free. So it is with CCleaner, you can donate, when you are satisfied or not, when you do not want not or you can not afford it, but you can still use it for free. It is good to skeptic these days, there are many fake software out there, especially claiming to be free. It is all about, who do you trust. I trust CastleCops and I trust Softpedia, so when they say, that CCleaner is "clean", I use it. In fact, CCleaner does much more better job preventing infection, than AV. Eg virus gets into the PC and put startup item to activate after startup, but when I use CCleaner before restart, it gets deleted, so AV has no job to do. And by the way, there are many PAID software, which sends data to its developer, without even notify the user, I have noticed that a few times, when firewall alerted me. You can allways download CCleaner without Yahoo Toolbar. http://www.ccleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp Nero also includes Yahoo, it seems, that toolbars junk is spreading around the web.
  23. I have tested them all, looking for free on-demand AV working fine without services. 1. Antivir - most likely it has best detection, but it has great problems with updating, it caused to loose my net connection 2 times, I had to do Windows clean instal due to it. 2. AVG Free - great detection, no problems at all, I consider it as the best freeware AV. 3. Avast - well it detects something, but I would use it as the last option. MWAV is good for on-demand scan, it uses Kaspersky engine, it does not delete anything, but it found almost everything, even that there are a few false posivites. Look at Jotti's malware scan and refresh that page a few times, it shows, how all AVs dealed with the lastest scanned file. Some results are really interesting, like AVG is pretty good in trojan detection. You can also check AV-Comaparatives tests.
  24. AVS Disc Creator FREE looks promising, it is the first freeware with blue-ray support. AVS also provide the best easy-to-use freeware AVS DVD player. I say, great job AVS.
  25. TheTOM_SK

    IE favicons

    It works fine. Thanks. Although, when I do a clean instal, I have to assign all FavIcons again (importing Favorites will not help). Is there a possibility to do it faster? And if the FavIcon get updated on the web, mine will not. Well, I just hope, that IE 7 Final will fix it.
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