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  1. you may read at the comodo news at the http://www.comodo.com . Comodo Firewall 2.3 Rated Top Overall Personal Firewall Quote: Jersey City, NJ (Dec 4, 2006) - Comodo, a leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, today announced that Comodo Firewall 2.3 has been rated as the top firewall product in a recent independent test of the security capabilities of major personal firewalls. The analysis, conducted by security specialists Matousec, tested 21 of the most popular firewall programs available (including paid versions from Norton, Zone Alarm and McAfee) with an array of leak testing programs to determine which product provided the best protection. The results confirm that Comodo Firewall 2.3 is the most secure personal firewall solution in the marketplace. Comodo Personal Firewall 2.3 is currently available with a free license. This highly rated security product is designed to be easy to use "out of the box". Since its launch earlier this year, Comodo Firewall has continued to gain acclaim from the media and the public alike, garnering PC Magazine?s ?Editor?s Choice? recommendation (September 2006). It features both inbound and outbound packet filtering in combination with robust outbound application filtering at the network layer and allows fast and easy access to all major settings through a streamlined user interface. Testing Summary Matousec (http://www.matousec.com) is an independent Internet security research company created by a group of software security experts with the stated goal of improving end-user security through its security related projects and research. Matousec?s testing required that each firewall be tested twice against 26 of the most exacting firewall ?leak test? programs available, including 3 that Matousec developed especially for this survey. Leak test programs are non-destructive simulations of the attack techniques typically used by spyware and other hacker programs to deliberately attempt to bypass a firewall's outgoing security measures to identify a firewall's security flaws. Matousec (www.matousec.com) tested each firewall once with the default, ?out-of-the-box? settings, and then once with the product?s highest security settings. Each firewall was then awarded an overall score derived from its pass/fail results against each test. The higher the score, the better the firewall performed against the range of leak tests. Although no single product passed every single leak test, Comodo came out on top of the list with a score of 9350 out of a maximum 9625.
  2. Free kaspersky antivirus from AOL for all users (not only aol members) you can download at http://www.activevirusshield.com/antivirus/freeav/index.adp[/url]. It's a good gift from aol. I think it's xmas and aol becomes santa claus! It's only a joke! It's true and It works all right. Thumbs up for AOL, indeed. Best Regards.
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