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  1. I'm looking for software that doesn't require access to a server - something that resides entirely on my computer.
  2. Anyone have a recommendation for a good password protection software? I'm currently using Identity Safe, which is part of NIS. I'm interested in software that is stand alone, rather than part of a interent security suite.
  3. I'm not familiar enough with Ubuntu to know what to do, even though I did read that link.
  4. Ok, I tried Bootmed. I got into the menu, double-clicked my computer, and tried to access the harddrive. I got a message that said "Unable to mount location. Error mounting . Mount exited with exit code 13 $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0)." Any suggestions?
  5. My hard drive crashed, and I had to get a new hard drive. I am trying to restore the system image and files I backed up from the old HD. I can restore the files from the external backup drive, but I can't get the system image restored. Has anyone else had problems doing this? Any suggestions? Update: got it resolved. Had to reformat the drive
  6. My WD Raptor HD has my OS on it. It won't boot up, appears to be seriously hosed. I installed the OS on my second HD, made it the boot drive. While both OS show up in the bios the crashed drive does not show up when I boot up in the other HD. Is there any software I can get to recover the data from the crashed drive? My OS is Windows 7.
  7. The HD3450 pins on the bottom, where in plugs into the mobo, don't fit my mobo. They are laid out differently than the 9800 pro.
  8. Yes. The part that plugs into the mobo is different.
  9. The mobo requires an AGP Universal Graphics card, and is not compatible with the AGP 2x graphic cards. The 6200 is the only compatible card I've been able to find, unless I want to get a refurbished ATI 6800 Pro.
  10. I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, dual heads, 8X AGP card that is going back. I'm looking for a replacement (AGP card) that will have essentially the same power draw, and that will play nice with Windows 7. Any suggestions? Does anyone know how the EVGA GeForce 6200 card compares to the 9800Pro in terms of performance?
  11. I finally got it fixed. uninstalled flash, booted into safe mode, cleaned out the registry, then booted back in regular mode. I then restored the IE Advanced settings and reset the settings (for the second time), rebooted again, and then re-installed flash. That finally did it.
  12. Again, two computers. The Disney website is working fine with Flash on one, and not on the other.
  13. Responding to one of the earlier posts - to be clear, the Disney website was working with Flash before - so there is something wrong now with Flash.
  14. I have the latest version of flash player, both computers are windows 7 - 64 bit version. Both have IE 8, both show the add on as enabled. On one computer, i downloaded IE9 for a couple of days, and then decided to go back to IE8. Since going back to IE8, flash shows as installed and appears to work on the adobe page but does not work on the disney.go.com page. I used the flash uninstaller, and then re-installed several times. Didn't help. Any ideas?
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