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  1. I just installed the last 2.02.525 version, and I still cannot get CCleaner to run without Vista prompting me to accept it (under UAC). Before ver 2, this used to work fine. Is this a known limitation of the current version, or are there additional steps I need to take to be able to run CCleaner without having to Accept the execution everytime ?
  2. I just installed the latest release (2.01.507) and I just want to report that is still does not install with Admin privileges on Vista. As a result, if you run with UAC on, you have to accept the cleaner every time it runs. The last 1.xx version did not have this problem. If anyone has a different experience, let me know.
  3. Thanks, Ill wait patiently for the next release then
  4. I have a problem on vista with this new version. It does not seem to have admin privileges, as every time it runs (auto at start or when I try to open it), UAC asks for authorization. I tried to turn off UAC, uninstall, then reinstall, then reboot, then turn UAC back on, but I cannot get this last version of CCleaner to run without UAC prompting me. Previous version was working fine. Let me know if there is a way around it, or if it is a temporary bug Thanks, and congratulation on this great product
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