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  1. I assume so, it occurred just as I was logging on to my computer, and CCleaner is set to clean at startup…
  2. @Ben Piriform I just sent a crash report. I used the same email address as here so you can identify me.
  3. I'm using Windows Defender, the built-in anti-malware protection. No other resident protection. If you need more specific info, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Yes I do. It's been enabled ever since that setting became available.
  5. It worked. Fortunately I didn't have too many non-default settings… Thanks!
  6. Hello, CCleaner free version (latest version) will not clean Edge's cache unless all instances of Edge (even the hidden ones) are terminated. It displays a dialog to that effect, and there's a checkbox "don't ask again", which I checked. I believed it would set CCleaner to terminate Edge automatically without asking, but instead it now simply ignores it. How do I reset this so it asks again? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Using Windows 10 Professional build 17744 (Insider preview, slow ring) and CCleaner free edition 5.46.6652. I have the same problem: CCleaner is set to clean on startup, but doesn't actually do anything. Every other function appears to work well. Great program!
  8. Totally agree. Please add an option to display the old report format instead of the new one.
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