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  1. Hi. Are you guys still going to issue an update for this issue, or do we need to just wait for the next general release? Thanks/jim
  2. Yes - command line switch /auto seems to work fine again -- thank you!! And the complaint was that it took 76 days for this major bug to be fixed, not whether we had to wait for a monthly release or not
  3. No it isn't, and you'd think that Piriform would've been on it because clearly their most loyal users are the folks who know what a command-line switch is... It would be nice to have a quick fix and release, and not wait a third - or is it fourth - month for this fix.
  4. That would be nice - thanks. Nicer would be not waiting another month to see the fix.
  5. I believe they already informed us the fix would be in the next release which should be any day now..
  6. Hi. Been using this command-line in a batch file for years.. not using Malwarebytes.. using Ccleaner free. "c:\program files\ccleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /auto As of 5.44 ccleaner seems to launch for a millisecond then die. Reverting to 5.43 restores desired behavior (the /auto) works. Plz advise, thanks! /jim
  7. Wow - imagine when you guys change a major feature! The blowback....
  8. Thank you for listening to us. I'm pleased that our wishes are being respected. Yes, significant slow cleaning of Edge and IE persists - I'm sure you are aware. I avoid Edge so I can disable the cleaning there.. Thanks/jim
  9. I believe I found the solution. As unpleasant as it may or may not be for you, wipe your existing Chrome User Data completely and start over. Since sync is enabled to the cloud, many of my settings, favorites bar, plugins, etc come right back — though they need a little tweaking to get them just right. After doing this normal CC results resumed.
  10. Just installed the new version -- it ignores Chrome cookes even though I do have it checked 'on'. See screenshot below - the clip to the right is Chrome showing 608 cookies. Note cookies are absent from cleaning report.
  11. I feel like breakout out into a number from "Les Mis!" -- thanks Stephen!
  12. Seems to me they release a new version monthly. Whether it will take a few for the new little feature to be added or not I dunno.
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