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  1. Hi, I don't know whether this has already been suggested, but here's my suggestion: CCleaner currently lets you add "run" and "open" ccleaner options on the context menu when you right click the Recycle bin. I don't use my Recycle bin (I have files permanently deleted and not sent to the bin when I delete them), so I have disabled the Recycle bin icon. However, I do use CCleaner a lot and it would save time if I had the same "right-click, run" option on the CCleaner desktop icon instead of having to enable the Recycle bin just for that. I know I can Open ccleaner, click run and then close it just fine, but it seems like if any icon should have a "run cleaner" option in its right-click menu it should be the CCleaner icon itself. Forgive me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge only the Recycle bin can have this option. Putting it more simply: could the CCleaner desktop icon have the same "Run CCleaner" right-click option as the Recycle bin?
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