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  1. I like to keep things organized under the XP start menu so this is the path I made for CCleaner and if you take the folder that is made in your user path as C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner And then just copy that to the 'All Users' this does not work like how I have below; C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Utilites\CCleaner I then copied CCleaner.exe and placed into the All Users path above and that still didn't work. I even made a short cut from Program Files then copied that into the All Users path and it still didn't work and I even added the Users name and changed the perms and it still didn't work... Anyway it's stupid to have to go through all this trouble and I hope the developer(s) see this post and change it in a new version to have an option to pick if you want to install just to the current user or all users, I mean sheesh is that to much to ask, NO, LOL... What a pain in the rear... There needs to be an installer option to change this... THANKS P.S. In XP you can leave the install at the path; C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner but then you have to copy that to the actual name of the User you want to in XP, you can't just copy it to 'All Users', I tried it, doesn't want to work for me in XP Pro SP3 on a Limited Account...
  2. This is a simple request I hope that you'll make in a future version. I don't see any options during the install that allows you to pick if you want to install for All users or just the Current user. On a box with many profiles this would be a nice install feature, which is typical of most software installs anyways, so not sure why it's being done here with CCleaner. Because for now you have to make copies of the startmenu icon into the other users profiles so you have access to the program... THANKS
  3. Honestly it was my bad I forgot the Advanced settings aren't checked by default but in this version they were. But I see by default they aren't. So I'm not sure is it a good idea to have all the Advanced sections checked? THANKS
  4. On Windows 7 I noticed that for any user these paths are nothing being cleaned: C:\Users\users\AppData\Local\Temp C:\TEMP Shouldn't they be getting cleaned? THANKS
  5. System Specs: XP Pro SP3 CCleaner Version: 2.33.1184 Bug Issue: If you place your 'Folder Views' on 'Icons' then click on the 'Folder Options' - 'View' - 'Apply to All Folders' so that all folders have the 'Icons' view and then you run CCleaner it will change all the icons back to the default view 'Tiles'. I did some research online and found out this is related to the 'Advanced' - 'Window Size/Location Cache'. With it checked it is causing this issue, if you uncheck it the icons are not affected any longer. This is the first version of CCleaner that I've had to uncheck this option, so I hope you'll fix this problem soon. THANKS P.S. After posting this I found another issue with the 'Advanced' options. 'Menu Cache Order' it seems is messing with the look/settings under 'My Computer'. The look under My Computer by default it 'Arrange Icons By' - 'Type' - 'Show in Groups' After running CCleaner with the 'Menu Cache Order' option on the 'Show in Groups' section gets removed and you are only looking at My Computer with them arranged by name is all and you then have to check it to also add 'Show in Groups' back. I don't know what's going on, but this is the first version of CCleaner that has ever given me problems
  6. Is having a flash cookie cleaner a good thing? I noticed today this site: http://www.flashcookiecleaner.com/ If this is a good idea, will CCleaner possibly implement a feature in the future? THANKS
  7. In the latest verison CCleaner, and I'm running XP SP3 I've noticed that in the Analysis that 'Dr Watson\user.dmp' always appears as a file to clean, even after you've run CCleaner to clean, and you run an Analysis again, it always pops up over and over... What's with this, I have never seen this behaviour before with XP SP2 and older versions of CCleaner, so I don't know what's causing this, Windows or CCleaner... THANKS
  8. Ahh yes THANKS, 'Include', sheesh I can't believe I forgot doing this and cleaning it out of a directory. LOL davey you forgot you have to also pick the 'Advanced' section and 'Custom Files and Folders' So much for being half asleep when asking and not thinking. Btw I like to do NSA 7 passes... THANKS again guys!
  9. I typically work with 4-8GB files and iso images, and of course Windows will automatically delete these, but I'd like to be able to shred them. Is there a way to do this with CCleaner? THANKS
  10. AH HA, so that's the problem, let me bang my head a few times, LOL. THANKS
  11. I uninstalled 1.37.456, and installed 1.38.485, and the same thing, it won't clean any other directories I add in the "Custom" section.
  12. I reported this to the bug section, since I have things properly setup, and there is no reason for this not to clean, and I considered it possibly a bug, and reported it to the Bug section, unless someone has a possible solution for getting this to work. See the link here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=9601 THANKS
  13. CCleaner 1.37.456 isn't cleaning temp directories when they are added to clean. I add this Temp directory path, and I am the Admin on this computer running XP SP2. http://img247.imageshack.us/my.php?image=26220450dn7.jpg Here is the directory after I ran CCleaner: http://img296.imageshack.us/my.php?image=98774262dv4.jpg As you can see it didn't clean it out, looks like a problem here the program isn't working like it should.
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