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  1. I assume so, it occurred just as I was logging on to my computer, and CCleaner is set to clean at startup…
  2. @Ben Piriform I just sent a crash report. I used the same email address as here so you can identify me.
  3. I'm using Windows Defender, the built-in anti-malware protection. No other resident protection. If you need more specific info, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Yes I do. It's been enabled ever since that setting became available.
  5. It worked. Fortunately I didn't have too many non-default settings… Thanks!
  6. Hello, CCleaner free version (latest version) will not clean Edge's cache unless all instances of Edge (even the hidden ones) are terminated. It displays a dialog to that effect, and there's a checkbox "don't ask again", which I checked. I believed it would set CCleaner to terminate Edge automatically without asking, but instead it now simply ignores it. How do I reset this so it asks again? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Using Windows 10 Professional build 17744 (Insider preview, slow ring) and CCleaner free edition 5.46.6652. I have the same problem: CCleaner is set to clean on startup, but doesn't actually do anything. Every other function appears to work well. Great program!
  8. Totally agree. Please add an option to display the old report format instead of the new one.
  9. What's wrong with the current double-click? I mean, right-click then clicking on "run" or double-clicking the icon like any other application's is the same number of clicks, so what would the advantage be?
  10. You can if you open an instance of Explorer as the machine's administrator (right-click, "Open as?").
  11. Not Alan_B here, but yes, it's a simple matter of moving the icon to the public Start menu. Under XP, the public "all programs" menu is in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start menu\Programs". Under Vista and Win7, it's in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu\Programs", and "ProgramData" is a hidden folder, so you'll need to first set Explorer to display hidden files and folders. The private Start menu is under "C:\Documents and Settings\{your login}\Start menu\Programs" for XP, and under "C:\Users\{your login}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu\Programs" for Vista and Win7. "AppData" is also a hidden folder. In order for the proper permissions to be set for the shortcut, you should first copy it to its public location, then delete it from its original private one. When you move a file, it keeps its full set of original permissions, which may not be appropriate.
  12. An automatic updater could be included along the lines of the one in VLC (another excellent freeware): when a new version is detected, it opens a pop-up to tell you about it, and it offers to download and install it in stride – or just download it for later installation if you so wish.
  13. Off topic: No firewall worth its salt is for clueless beginners. Even the Windows built-in firewall in its default settings prompts the user once in a while, and I'd rather remain polite about its "advanced" GUI
  14. It works for Java runtime updates, there's no reason why it wouldn't for CCleaner?
  15. You are perfectly correct. For some reason I don't understand, Alan seems to take everything I say as a personal attack. I've decided to put an end to the pointless bickering.
  16. @Alan_B: You're willfully distorting what I'm saying to accomplish your own agenda. It all started with a simple suggestion that CCleaner should be able to clean up all existing profiles on a given computer, remember? You don't want it, so be it. If that feature gets implemented, you don't have to use it, I don't have to use it, nobody has to use it. But anyone who wants/needs it can use it. That's all there is to it. Now get off your high horse and stop insulting me. I will thereafter no longer respond to any of your posts, you've wasted my time enough.
  17. Of course not. I advocate education, always. But I also don't believe in giving a loaded gun to ignorant people. The command prompt is such a loaded gun, so a naive user shouldn't be made aware of it unless its potential is fully described. Afterwards, everybody should be allowed to make their own mistakes.
  18. I agree this is neither the time nor the place? I thought you were referring to means available to "ordinary" users.
  19. @Alan_B: a real novice isn't even aware of the command prompt Your lifelong habit of overcaution rears its head
  20. Not really. I just don't see the point in removing registry entries that do no harm and only use up a few hundred bytes at most. Alan, as you must be aware by now, good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement ? with some luck. As for the needs of other users, unlike what you seem to think, they're my bread and butter and have been for many years. If you go back through this thread, you'll see that I suggested that the ability to clean all profiles on a computer should respect each individual profile's settings. I also mentioned, although maybe not clearly enough, that this boot-up cleansing should only remove temp files and MRU entries. CCleaner by default does not remove temp files that are younger than 24 hours. Thus, cleaning them at boot or login time will not have any impact on newly installed software: even the most uncautious of people do not wait for a full day before rebooting after being prompted for it. Finally, my experience tells me that the average business user is just as stupid as the average home user, computer-wise ? after all, they're the same people, in a different environment. IMO the person responsible for maintaining the home computer should be given the same liberty as the corporate IT administrator ? or more, because there may be children at stake; while the children may be more computer-savvy than their parents, they don't often have good judgement yet.
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