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  1. i wait for the 2.0
  2. trium

    Windows 8

    the "cloud-stuff" are overvalued. its no alternative to private data-security and certainly not for business or establishment. i think its useless.
  3. trium

    How old are you

    old enough to written her :-)
  4. a friend has this version used, but any games dont installable, and no update for signatures, .... deleted :-) an other vius scanner now...
  5. trium

    Mouse problem

    i have an ps2 mouse "primax fujitsu siemens" S/N 040231591 with mouse wheel, but the wheel dont work. i cant also find driver for xp...
  6. trium

    Disk partitions

    i have "partition commander 10" from avanquest, from w98 up but is perhaps supportet by paragon, i mean :-)i take this, because its in german, i dont use "easeus free partition" it is only english. I would like to know exactly what I do :-)
  7. trium

    Disk partitions

    i have any partitions on my disk. also fast to defrag... :-)) c: windows 6 gb d: programs 10 GB e: games 30 GB f: mp3 and other stuff 20 GB g: system (with download files and updates) 10 GB
  8. i have perhaps another translation under "firefox" instead "session" - in german "Sitzung"
  9. avast not only forced to purchas, also any games are not installable like need for speed carbon, most wanted and test drive and any other, we have tried
  10. trium

    Windows 8

    i also not fan of cloud...
  11. Yes, Piriform developers monitor all threads, but there is not much more to be said than W2k is not supported. You can download old versions from the official download spot (right hand column, all versions prior to 2.x run on W2K I believe) i have downloaded this last 1.version of defraggler, there is a filefolume of 4,04 mb, but really does only 1,9 mb! is this defekt? how can over 2 mb lost? is this the correct file of this version 1.21?
  12. I would like for windows 98 but it did not.
  13. sorry, i mean germany, not german
  14. if rudolf also from german, keep the "1031" in the lang-ordner, the rest can you delete. :-)
  15. i also delete unnecessary language-files after install. :-) also on portable and u3
  16. trium


    You can create a U3 version of a portable application with this freeware utility ... http://www.makeuseof...packagefactory/ yes! :-) thank you, there are 2 different fine tools for my u3 sticks, with these i have also ccleaner un co. for u3. :-)
  17. trium


    with u3 being a dead format, was killed off late 2009 I did not know yet... i have u3 sticks from sandisk with 8 gb, i find these good. especially the start menu of the u3 sticks like xp menu :-) I think its the better variant than the normal portable stick
  18. what do these funktion: compact databases? 1.)compress the databases of firefox etc. or 2.)delete the content of these *.sqlite? at first it should be in german: "Datenbanken komprimieren" or "Datenbanken packen": Unfortunately, there is no direct equivalent for "to compact" in the German language. i mean this is wrong from my landsman. sorry :-) translate "to compact" is in german "komprimieren" or "packen" like to create a zip-archiv in fakt: compact databases - Datenbanken packen or - Datenbanken komprimieren at second: compact databases - Datenbanken l?schen
  19. trium

    Windows 8

    I heard that windows 8 like to be as cloud...sounds modest :-(
  20. was this only on us-servers happens or also on german "home"servers? i have many ashampoo-tools, as winoptimizer ;-) a question in these context: why find winoptimizer and ccleaner different things in registry and crap-files (i dont know, how in english correct is) both are meaning, they are "safe"...?
  21. i try to use 1.16 on w95, but wasnt run
  22. trium


    hello i need the version for u3-stick. or a tool to download, how i can self-create such u3p-version from the portable one... :-)
  23. nice possible feature for defraggler... i can save to install another tool on my pc...
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