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  1. Well the 'promise' to allow the default cleaning report style to be modied in the next edition has not happened. Version 5.42 still has the same reporting style as 5.41. So, is it still in the pipeline?
  2. Very interesting reading. Thanks for searching it out. Nice to know I'm not alone and that notice has been taken of the criticisms. I await the next update keenly.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I did search but clearly didn't find the right keywords. Great to hear that the topic is already under review.
  4. Since I updated to v. 5.41.6446 (64 bit), the results of cleaning are now presented in two blocks, 'Privacy' and 'Junk'. To return to the familiar format that has always appeared spontaneously in the past, I now have to select the button, 'Show Advanced Report'. I have searched settings but can't find any way to restore the old format. Have I missed something? I am using Windows 10 Creators Edition.
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