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  1. Well the 'promise' to allow the default cleaning report style to be modied in the next edition has not happened. Version 5.42 still has the same reporting style as 5.41. So, is it still in the pipeline?
  2. Very interesting reading. Thanks for searching it out. Nice to know I'm not alone and that notice has been taken of the criticisms. I await the next update keenly.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I did search but clearly didn't find the right keywords. Great to hear that the topic is already under review.
  4. Since I updated to v. 5.41.6446 (64 bit), the results of cleaning are now presented in two blocks, 'Privacy' and 'Junk'. To return to the familiar format that has always appeared spontaneously in the past, I now have to select the button, 'Show Advanced Report'. I have searched settings but can't find any way to restore the old format. Have I missed something? I am using Windows 10 Creators Edition.
  5. Mine has already gone back to 6.5 minutes total with most of that being the Firefox Internet Cache. I am using just one pass in secure deletion. It is true that simple deletion is faster but we all know that simple deletion means the files are marked for overwrite but are still present on the drive until such time as the space is required..
  6. I guess so. The problem is that those pre-ticked boxes slip through so easily and once the unwanted software gets installed it is sometimes very difficult to uninstall completely.
  7. The question that remains is, what happens when it comes to the next update? Does the update file also contain the revenue generating bundle?
  8. To eliminate exceedingly long cleaning cycles, I was advised to install the 'Slim' version and that was successful. When it comes to the next update, is that likely to re-introduce the problem?
  9. After uninstalling Google Chrome, I found that it was still listed in CCleaner apps. I went all through the registry and removed every reference to Google and Chrome but still it persisted. I then carried out a search on the Internet and found a very effective and simple technique that worked for me (Win 8.1 Pro): Just press the Win key + R to open the Run menu. Type: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google Press Enter Delete the Chrome folder. Reboot the computer and you should find Google Chrome has gone from the list.
  10. I use an SSD anyway and they are supposedly more delicate than HDDs. Thanks for your help guys.
  11. Interesting. I increased the scan security to 3 passes, visited a few web sites with photos and videos, ran CCleaner again and it took 40 seconds. Not bad I think.
  12. I installed the 'slim' version and that sure is fast. Like 5 - 10 seconds. Inevitably, that leaves me asking if it is doing a thorough job. Apart from the name on the installation file, nowhere else does it mention that it is a 'slim' version.
  13. Actually, I have now found that I am not alone. I found this: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=12768
  14. No, I only have the same top five Firefox items ticked, as when using 4.19. In fact, all of the items ticked are exactly the same and yet there is this massive difference in performance. I'm surprised that no-one else is suffering from this.
  15. To clarify - 4.19 takes about 50 seconds to complete a cleaning cycle. I reinstalled 5.05.5176 and it took 12m35s to complete a cycle, with the same settings.
  16. Since installing CCleaner 5.x, it has been taking several minutes to clean. Today, I uninstalled 5.05 and reverted to 4.19 and now the cache cleaning wizzes through in seconds. I am using Win 8.1 (64-bit). Any ideas? Thanks, TG
  17. Thanks for your help guys. I had already visited the Foxnews web site to check which player they use and it is indeed Adobe Flash Player. I then used the Flash player online control panel to delete all history but that Foxnews cookie was still there. Your information about the .sol files made me do a search and there I found one file entitled wbs_cookies.sol, deleted it and the Foxnews cookie has gone. Reading that article really highlights the risks of phantom cookies and the gall of apparently reputable web site owners in planting such hidden cookies on the PCs of innocent users. Foxnews.com is now in my blocked cookies list.
  18. I'm running Win XP and IE 8. The cookie concerned is entitled video.foxnews.com and it simply appears in the list of cookies to be deleted in the left-hand screen of CCleaner. It comes back at every reboot.
  19. I have just one cookie that persists and I cannot find it anywhere on my XP PC. I did have several others that CCleaner was not able to delete but I found them with the file search facility and deleted them manually. This one eludes me but evidently CCleaner manages to find it although cannot delete it. Any suggestions?
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